Yes, shoppers, floor mopping bodysuits for baby really do exist



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Like it or not, your crawling baby comes into endless contact with your floors. May as well make the most of the ground they’re covering and put them in a mop suit?

That’s right, floor-cleaning clothes that put baby to work are currently available on Amazon.

baby floor mop outfit

baby floor mop outfit

As seen in 1998’s 99 More Unuseless Japanese Inventions, the mop outfit is touted as working on any surface, a perfect baby shower gift, and an implement for “the moment when a person becomes useful the first time in [their] life.”

baby floor mop outfit

“There are family-friendly restaurants, hotels, cars, trains, TV shows, books, websites and even apps. But how about family-friendly cleaning tools?” this particular product’s Amazon description argues. “You can save yourself or your friends a lot of useless discussions about sharing household chores by accustoming babies at an early stage.”

And while they’re not entirely wrong in making the point helping out is great to learn early on, not everyone is on board with the baby mop idea (including getting a laugh out of it).

baby floor mop outfit

baby floor mop outfit

While one reviewer cleverly described the product as “good clean fun,” another ranted: “I think this is a disgusting product. What kind of mom leaves a dusty floor for a baby to crawl around on? And then to add insult to injury, the dust is attached to the baby so it can breathe in all the dust…nice.”

Aside from the dangly, yellow mop bits I don’t know that I can see much technical difference between baby crawling about in a regular bodysuit versus this getup. The truth of the matter is dirt and dust happen — and letting kids encounter it can even be good for them!

I can’t say I’d suit up my kid every afternoon much like I boop my Roomba on, but every once in a while? For sure. Plus, I’d be down on the ground myself snapping pics for posterity.

Is the baby mop outfit worth a laugh (and maybe trying out)? Or no fun whatsoever?

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