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Reasons I’m Not Excited About the Start of School
excited start of school

Back-to-school moments are usually always a happy time for most mums out there. However, this is not one of those cases. Although it has got multiple advantages, I believe that the cons outmatch the pros in this situation. That is what makes me prefer the summer over the academic time of the year. You will find all the reasons I’m not excited about the start of school by continue reading and see if we agree on some of them.
Even if I differ from most people, I have got no doubts that, at least for me, the best time of the year is always during the summer. I do not have to deal with multiple complicated tasks and responsibilities the children have. In addition, I can spend more time with my family without worrying about whether the kids have their lunch prepared or not.
The Covid situation makes it remarkably more difficult for us. It is an extra concern that we have to deal with every single day. During the summer, we can control which activities our children do and which they don’t. On the other hand, during school time, there is nothing we can do about it. We have no choice but to accept the fact that they are very exposed to the covid virus.
Here are some of the main reasons that make school time especially difficult for me. I hope many people can identify with this situation. Keep reading, and you are surely going to enjoy this article!

Reasons I’m Not Excited About the Start of School
Making Lunches

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the main reasons that make me despise this time of the year the most is making my children their school lunches. I know it can sound exaggerated, but making lunches for multiple kids every single day can be pretty exhausting. Not only do you have to prepare the food and the launch itself. You also have to make sure that the food is healthy; you need it to be varied and attractive to your child.
Kids do not tolerate eating the same meal every day, and they have fantastic short-term memory. That means you cannot cook them the same food you cooked them a couple of days before. This adds an extra complication to the entire situation.
In conclusion, there are many factors that you have to handle. Cooking every single day is already exhausting. If you add that you have to look for healthy, tasteful meals and vary them every week, it ends up being quite draining.

Rushed Mornings

If you are not one of those people who naturally handle themselves very well during the morning, this will be a problem for you. No matter how early you wake up, you will always end up rushing. Generally speaking, the kids are not very conscious of time.
That is precisely why you have to be rushing them all the time to make sure they get to school just in time. Although it may not look like it is, this is exhausting as well. Having to constantly rush someone consumes a lot of density energy and time.
Furthermore, sometimes your kid does not even reach school in time. That means that all that effort you make can be worthless. This is why this is such a powerful con about kids going back to school.
Waking up that early can be a challenging task for someone who struggles with the mornings in general. Having to wake up that early every single day of the week kills me. That might be the main reason I despise the idea about the entire “kids going back to school.”

Daily Baths

During the summer, baths are not a problem. My children love to take a bath when they are extra sweaty or dirty from playing outside. Nevertheless, there is an obligation to bathe during the school days, and it can be something challenging to get them to do.
Let’s face it; whether we like it or not, you cannot send the kid to school without having him take a proper shower before. They are interacting all the time with teachers and other children, so that makes daily baths a must-do.
What is the problem with that? That kids usually require tons of attention when bathing. First and foremost, they might bathe for half an hour. Secondly, you have to make sure that they clean themselves properly. Finally, it would be best to consider that some kids might be too young to take a bath by themselves. If left unattended, a dangerous situation might occur.
All these reasons and many more are precisely why bathe the kids every day is a pretty stressful and complicated ordeal. It requires tons of energy and will. We do not want our kids to be the “stinky ones” in the class.

excited start of school

Not-Enough-Time Evenings

As you can probably tell by now, time is quite a complication for those who have school children. Spending an hour or two every day helping our kids with their homework is not exactly our favorite activity to do with our children.
On the one hand, we could spend our time with them playing, watching Netflix, or doing other outdoor activities. Instead, we spend most of that time explaining to our loved kids how to do some math problems or write some essays, for example.
All of these can be pretty draining and can tire you out fast, whether it looks like it or not. It seems like professors do not realize that parents and children want to have their own free time.
In addition, if you decide not to help your children with their homework, they will most likely have trouble doing it correctly. That is why helping them is so important. In a way, their education is in our hands, and that is quite stressful as well.

School Events Friend Dynamics

Last but not least, school events and friend dynamics are an extra hurdle to handle as well. If you are not a fan of big social meetings, you will surely hate huge school events. Once or twice a year, you have no choice but to take part in these events.
You have to pretend that you like to be there instead of staying home resting or doing any other activity with your family. That is what I hate about these types of meetings. No one wants to be there, yet they all pretend they do. If you happen to be an introvert just like me, you won’t enjoy these events at all.
Then, there is another issue to consider, and that is friend dynamics. One of the situations I despise the most about this time of the year is greeting the kid’s mother who bullies your children.
There are many uncomfortable situations just like that that you have to deal with each day. Another one is those awkward greetings with other parents that you have no problem with, but you still do not want to come on too strong about them.
“Sitting in tiny chairs while the teacher runs down a list of expectations and goals for the year makes me sweat. Am I supposed to be taking notes? What if my kids don’t hit their marks? Wait, what’s this new math, and how am I supposed to teach my kids to type by the end of the school year?”
Furthermore, if your daughters happen to be extroverts, it is even worse. I have to create new relationships with new mothers every year. That is one of the most tiring school activities I try to run away from the most.
It is simply exhausting to learn all these new names and pretend you remember them when you don’t. In addition, other mothers might get offended if you do not remember their or their kid’s names.
Although sometimes these new relationships can end up being great friendships, those are rare cases. Most of the time, you forget about the other mother in a month or two.

The Bottom Line

As you can tell, there are many reasons why I am not excited about the start of school. Nevertheless, there are some positive points that I think are worth mentioning as well.
First and foremost, kids going back to school means that the house will be empty during the day. No stressful noise, no running around, etc. This gives us valuable time to enjoy the density peace, the silence, and the free time in general.
In addition, we do not have to worry about the kids being entertained. During the summer, we constantly have to look for something or someone to entertain the kids. On the other hand, we do not have to think about that while they are in school.
Nevertheless, the cons outweigh the pros in this case. There are many other activities, chores and obligations the parents have to worry about, such as the lunch, the covid situation or the school events. In conclusion, that is why I am not so excited about the start of school.


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