Top 6 Baby Halloween Costumes You Must Try


cover featureHalloween is the most spookiest festival but the most creative festival as well. We can plan too many options of Halloween costumes for us but when it comes to new born then it’s a challenge to style them creatively. Try to think more and plan some funniest and perfect Halloween dress for your baby. Well, we are here to help you out with it as well. Here are some most creative costumes which you can consider while planning that perfect dress for your kids. Check them out and try them for sure :

Baby Swan :

swanIt’s the cutest attire you can style your baby with. The swan face with all the furs looks amazing and you will get all the stuff very easily in the local market or even online to DIY it.

Baby Taco:

tacoIt’s the most hilarious as well as scary dress I have seen. But your new born is going to look very cute. You have to create it yourself at home because it’s difficult to find such type of attire in market. You can add some extra creativity as per your interest.

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Little Violent Tiger:

tigerYou can create a costume by adding noodles straps with the help of yellow or mustard color woolen thread. You can take his/her warm jumpsuit and add the straps as shown in the image on the sleeves, cap and angle part of the dress. Trust us your baby will look adorable.

Little Redbeard Viking :

redbeard king

Dress him like a redbeard viking by adding that horn throne and big belt with fur jacket. See the image and try to replicate it. With cuteness , it will also make him look strong this Halloween.


mushroomIt’s a very cute yet weird costume. The mushroom costume looks creative and needs limited stuff to create it. A cute mushroom cap, white top and a leafy bottom.You baby is ready to rock the Halloween.

Ketchup Costume :

ketchupIt’s really looks adorable and easy to create. The ketchup dress will make him/her look weird which is exactly what is required in Halloween. You can choose what type of print you want and what type of details you are looking for in a ketchup dress. Decide and go for it.

Hope these creative ideas will give you the enthusiasm to design your baby’s Halloween dress by yourself. And this time do it differently by adding scary and cuteness together. You will get plenty of material to design kids party dress. Plan and gather the stuff to create that best Halloween dress.

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