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Tips to Use Microwave Oven: 10 Best Do’s and Don’ts Hacks
Tips to use microwave oven

Your long-awaited search for tips to use microwave oven has paid off! Among the numerous hacks and tricks, what is so special about us?

This “do’s and don’ts” article combines the most crucial yet mostly overlooked microwave oven user guidelines. What is more, we have offered some mind-boggling bonus tips too.

Do you think you should wait anymore? We don’t think so. Let us get going!

Tips to Use Microwave Oven: Super- comprehensive Combo

We have sorted the tips into two categories. We have created do’s and don’ts. You should strictly follow the don’ts and try to follow the do’s. So without any delay let’s jump into it.


If you want to use your microwave oven to last long, you should follow these tips. Practicing these tips will enhance the longevity of your microwave oven.

Set the Timer at a Minimum Range

Do you often tend to overdo a new recipe on a microwave oven? Well, here’s a piece of simple advice.

You can try deciding on a short cooking time. Thus, when you put your timer on a minimum time, the possibility of overcooking will be less.

However, a consistent check-up is crucial. If you bake a cake, then make a hole to check whether it is cooked or not. If needed, you can then send it back to the oven.

Choose Your Convenient Utensil Options

Maybe sometimes your thoughts jiggle around to pick the accurate Oven-mate. Let us talk it over.

For baking, use a stainless-steel tray rather than non-stick varieties. Or, non-toxic glassware is a good option.
Round or ring-shaped baking accessories prevent undercooking the food.
Ceramic glass, earthenware, clay pots, silicone-made baking accessories, etc., are considered safe for direct microwave oven cooking.

Does that sound good? Thank us later.

Do a Prior Taster of the Pot

Well, you already know that the microwave-safe stamped bowls are compatible with oven use. Despite the seal, you should conduct your taster.

Put the bowl inside the oven with one cup of water and continue to cook for one minute, with high power. If the water does not get hot, but the pot does, you should exclude the pot from cooking in the oven. It is not so safe.

Allow your Food to Breath

Probably you have already pinned your ears back with this-

“While cooking on a microwave oven, you should cover the pot.”

Yes, that is indeed obvious. However, some container types like- oven-proof Tupperware lid can deform if you tightly lock the cover.  Therefore, for perfect ventilation purpose, put the lid lightly and keep a marginal gap.

Maintain a Specific Cooking Time

Varieties of recipes hold separate times to cook. To clarify, the time for baking a pie will vary from the baking time of choux buns. On top, a couple of minutes over can spoil the entire party.

Therefore, to prevent food (especially egg and dairy items) mess up, doing quick research on the probable cooking time will lessen the hassle.


While using a microwave oven you should always follow these tips. No matter what you should not violate these tips. Here are the don’t hacks.

Don’t Use Aluminum Utensils for Oven

Probably you are thinking-

“Why do I need to avoid using these?”

Yeah, your metal cookware always stays on the stove on very high heat. So, what’s the problem with the oven?

The thing is,

Just as a “conscious food community,” we should limit aluminum’s usage on the stove.

This is because the acidic food tends to react with the Aluminum cookware. Consequently, they get mixed with your food and change the food taste.

Nevertheless, the amount is somewhat negligible. Still, we don’t recommend it in the case of Microwave either.

Pure stainless steel or their blended versions are safe compared to the above category. Notwithstanding, check the cookware manual whether they are oven-proof or not.

We have listed some more varieties below that you should avoid while using an oven.

Don’t Work with Non-Microwave-safe Bowls

Even if you are a full-time microwave oven user, we recommend considering the following checklist. We have sorted out some unsafe options for the oven, which you should keep in mind.

Silver or gold-coated utensil
Bamboo pots
Pure silver and gold pots
Plastic wraps
Aluminum foil papers
Paper bags and styrofoam boxes
Glassware with metal handles or sidelines

Don’t Use the Same Bowl for an Extended Period

Yeah, we know you are not on it. Well, sometimes, we ignore little things.

So, we are here to remind you.

When you use metal (especially aluminum), steel-coated, plastic pots for a lengthy period, they lose the original coating gradually. Thus, in some cases, it unlocks the way of the toxic chemical substances when you apply high heat. We do not think of it as a pleasant occurrence.

Also, it’s not healthy either. Why do you need to take even small health risks?

Hence, try altering the pot frequently that you are using for microwave cooking.

Don’t Take the Preheat Concept too Seriously

Preheating actually supports the baking process altogether. To make the rising agents’ task more manageable, the preheat operation preserves a constant temperature through the baking end.

You don’t want to make an unevenly cooked steak or a raw side of the pie dough by not preheating the oven. Do you??

However, for slow-cooked and savory recipes like roasts, mac n cheese, lasagnas, don’t get bothered by the preheating task.

Don’t Ignore the Possibility of Hot Doors

Here comes the “last but not least” reminder from these tips to use microwave oven.

You mainly use cloth wraps to take out the bowls inside the Microwave. But, if you have the habit of opening the oven door on empty hands, it is time to change the practice.

No matter whether you have set the timer for 2 minutes or 2 hours- BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT THE DOOR TEMPERATURE. 

Bonus Tips 1

Do you know that you do not have to wait for the sunlight to dry your herbs?

Yeah! I think you got it.

Pick the freshly plucked herbs/leaves. On a clean paper towel, place the herbs evenly and then microwave them for around 2-4 minutes. Make sure not to over-dry them.

Also, you can roast nuts, spices, and dried rice cakes here.

Amazing, isn’t it? Do try this out.

Bonus Tips 2

When you are struggling to peel off potato or tomato skins, the microwave oven can be at your rescue.

For soft fruits like peach, avocado or tomato put them on a 30-second high heat segment. Then, make them wait for about 2 minutes.
Use a fork to pierce the potato skin. Put the potato into the water and make the bowl get heated for 10 minutes. Cool it down, and now you can remove the wrinkly skin easily.

Wrap Up

Using pantry appliances like microwave ovens constructs a relaxed kitchen environment. Moreover, these items save valuable time. Also, they minimize the cooking hassle significantly.

However, though it’s not rocket science, some prior study is necessary to use your cooking gadget aptly. We hope you will love the tips to use microwave oven and apply it to your kitchen.

Do come here for more, and please don’t hesitate to reach us for such handy chops. Happy days!


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