3 Ways to Adequately Thwart Crepey Skin

All people grapple with crepey skin at some point in their lives. In fact, if you want to know what crepey skin looks like, just look at your knee or elbow. No matter your age, you will discover that some parts of the skin will have a crinkly texture that looks like crepe paper.

In light of this, crepiness can be defined as wrinkling on skin that affects a certain region of the skin. This condition or skin state mainly happens when the skin’s elasticity is reduced. Collagen is a protein that allows for plump vibrant skin. Elastin is also a skin component that works to promote elasticity. When the production of these proteins goes down, the elasticity of skin is compromised as alluded to.

This skin problem has innumerable causes. Knowing these causes will allow you to prevent the issue as much as possible. This condition can affect any part of the skin; but the most common areas are below the eyes, arms, chest, back and other places where skin is thin. One of the leading causes of this skin problem is age. When you hit late 30s, collagen production starts to drop. Therefore, your skin can no longer stretch and go back to the same position. The result is wrinkling skin which often looks dry.

The other major cause of this problem is sun exposure. Ultra violet rays from the sun will literally damage the elasticity of skin over time. Other causes are drastic weight loss, smoking, gravity, poor diet; the list goes on.

Prevention is the best way to tackle this problem. This article gives you vital guides on excellent ways to evade the issue.

1. Avoid sun damage

Health experts agree that sun exposure is a major cause of skin crepiness. To this end, it does not matter what age you are; avoid the sun as much as possible. This does not mean that you should not go out and enjoy the warmth; the key is to stay in the shade especially when the sun is very hot.

In addition to avoiding the sun, you must always wear sun protection no matter the weather. In fact, sun protection will help even if you do not leave the house. Sunscreen with a suitable sun protection factor (SPF) is the best way to go. The higher the sun protection ability the better.

Another way to avoid ultra violet rays from the sun is to wear clothes that cover your skin. These simple steps will make a lot of sense over a period of time. Sun damage happens gradually; and this prevention method will ensure that your skin retains its integrity.

2. Put in place a comprehensive skin care regiment

Having an elaborate plan to care for your skin does not mean that it will cost you a lot of money. In fact, taking care of your skin can be done in a few steps. First, make sure you get rid of dead skin cells on your skin by using a good cleanser. Homemade cleansers can also work effectively.

Skin that is clean and cleansed is ready for moisture. Always use a moisturizer that is effective. It must make your skin supple by locking in natural oils and moisture as much as possible. If you are not sure which moisturizer to get, take a closer look at the ingredients. Anything containing alpha or beta hyroxy acids is good. These ingredients have been proven to lubricate skin efficiently; preventing the crepiness problem.

3. Make better lifestyle decisions

Did you know that smoking can cause crepey skin? The thousands of harmful chemicals in cigarettes will damage collagen and elastin. This literally means that smoking will aid faster aging; and the skin will be the first victim. To this end, changing your lifestyle for the better demands that you find a way to stop smoking.

Another habit that you must change is eating a diet that is very high in sugar. Research has found that the modern generation is taking way too much sugar than needed. In fact, some sugars come hidden in processed foods and drinks. A high sugar diet over a period of time will trigger a process called glycation. This process is responsible for the destruction of collage and elastin. With this respect, youthful appearance of the skin is greatly compromised.

Good lifestyle habits like eating a balanced healthy diet and drinking a lot of water will help. Of course, these habits will yield fruit over a period of time; not overnight.