The Falsies That Will Change Your Life: One Two Lash Magnetic Eyelashes

Have you heard about this? Magnetic falsies are all over social media and celebrity news right now because they are quite possibly the hottest new beauty product that will actually change your life! I’m not even joking either, it seems like just about everyone is wearing them now. Developed exclusively by a company called One Two Cosmetics, One Two Lash extensions are making beauty effortless and can be applied in just seconds. And all without glue!

That’s right … You read correctly. One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics is the ONLY magnetic eyelash you can buy. Made with mini magnets just for One Two Cosmetics, these lashes are what women all over the world have been waiting for. Made to eliminate the sticky mess of applying, and wearing false lashes, One Two Lash magnetic extensions are the glue-free falsies that will change your beauty routine forever.

The Exclusive Technology of One Two Lash

Former real estate developer Katy Stoka developed this genius idea while taking a shower one day. It hit her to make the world’s first magnetic eyelashes, and that’s how One Two Lash was born.

The patented micro-magnetic technology is how you can harness the power of Katy’s invention for yourself. The first-of-their-kind lashes are super lightweight even though they are attached with magnets. The secret to the ultra-lightweight feel is through the patented micro-magnets. One Two Lash is making beauty effortless, and you can create bold, luscious lashes in no time at all!

Just place the top One Two Lash above your top lash, at the natural lash line. Then as it rests there, place the lower One Two Lash just below your top lash at the natural lash line and let the magnets pull towards each other. The micro-magnets will snap together and then all you have to do is blink them in place. That’s it!

Glamorous Beauty Made Easy

At the end of the day, the reality of beauty is never what it seems. Women work hard to look glamorous and the fact is that there is never enough time to pamper yourself with glam beauty products. However, now you can get the fabulous looking, sexy eyes you’ve always wanted without any pain, irritation or time wasted on application. And that was One Two Cosmetics owner Katy Stoka’s vision all along. She wanted fashionistas to get the glamorous beauty they craved without any fuss, or pain. Today, you will find that Katy’s company One Two Cosmetics stands proudly behind their mission of making beauty effortless. It’s this mission statement that continues to drive Katy to deliver new products from One Two Cosmetics. In the future we can look forward to One Two Eye, One Two Skin, and One Two Lip products. Hooray! There is nothing like looking pretty without having to suffer for it, afterall who says beauty is pain?

Danger Free Falsies

Did you know that conventional false eyelashes are well-known to cause damage to healthy eyes and the sensitive skin around the eye area? It’s true and today, there is even clinical evidence to report that inflammation, allergies, and even hemorrhaging in the eye is commonly associated with applying, wearing, and removal of conventional faux eyelashes.1

One clinical report on faux eyelashes revealed that most store-bought sets contain adhesives that include a toxic ingredient. Known as formaldehyde, this harmful ingredient was found above the standard threshold level in all false lash kits tested in the study.2

With One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your delicate eyes, good vision, or the skin around your eye area. Not only are One Two Lashes completely glue-free, but they also allow for endless re-positioning due to the micro-magnetic technology. So, go ahead and place them on and reposition them as many times as you like. There is no sticky glue to mess with, and no chance of damaging your natural eyelashes if you don’t get them just right on the first try during application.

Lashes You Can Feel Good About

Creator of One Two Lashes, Katy Stoka is passionate about community. For this reason, through her One Two Give initiative, One Two Cosmetics donates 1.2 percent of all revenues to benefit community-based organizations.

So, why not glam up your look a little bit? You can skip eye makeup, plumpers, and falsie mascaras by just adding One Two Lash to your beauty regimen.

Reach for any of these 3 styles of One Two Lash:


  1. ORIGINAL LASH. Made to look just like your own lashes, but thicker, longer and more luxurious, the Original Lash set from One Two Cosmetics is a subtle lash made for everyday wear.
  2. BOLD LASH. When you want a more high-intensity look, the Bold Lash from One Two Cosmetics can take you there. Amp up your lash look with this ultra-thick set of faux lashes!
  3. ACCENT LASH. Made with a flirty flip at each end, the Accent Lash from One Two Cosmetics adds a sultry look that gets lash envy every time.

Made for an ideal fit, you can trim any One Two Lash set for your eyes. So, there is nobody that can’t get the thick and long lashes they’ve always wanted. No matter your age, ethnicity, or eye shape there is a One Two Lash style for you!

Not convinced? Even the top beauty magazines agree One Two Lash is a beauty must-have. Popsugar declared, “I’m hopelessly addicted to magnetic false lashes and I’m never turning back.”

So, what are you waiting for? Take your natural lashes from frumpy, to fabulous in seconds with One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes. The world’s only glue-free falsie.



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