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If your YouTube Kids experience has been anything like mine, then chances are, you’ve probably already deleted the app. Unfortunately, disturbing/violent content is still slipping through the app’s automated filters, delivering inappropriate videos to children. Yeah. So not cool.

Well, apparently some pretty smart people have realized YouTube Kids’ shortcomings, fixed them and made it even better. I present to you, kiddZtube. Launched by magikbee in September 2017, this new app offers a collection of popular videos — hand-picked by actual people (teachers, even!) — that are augmented with educational pop-up questions. And since everything has been chosen manually within a closed platform, parents don’t have to worry about questionable content reaching their young kids.

“Some parents may currently be attuned to YouTube Kids where preschool content is freely available,” a news release from kiddZtube reads. “The big difference is the ability to transform screen time into an active learning experience. YouTube Kids promotes passive screen time and sometimes very young children can get dragged into inappropriate content that skips the YouTube algorithms. That’s not possible with kiddZtube.”

Sounds pretty enticing, right? I decided to give the app a test drive to see for myself.

After an adult installs the app, creates an account, and adjusts some basic settings, kids have the option of selecting from four categories: Stories (or bedtime stories, after a certain time of day,) cartoons, learning, and songs. They can even tap a heart icon while watching a video to save it as a favorite, and then a “favorites” category will become available, too.

One feature I think is pretty handy is the parental dashboard. There caregivers can control the amount of time kids are allowed to spend using the app. It also provides insights about the child’s performance, likes and dislikes.

Image by magikbee

I’m also digging the interactive component of kiddZtube, in the form of quizzes within the videos themselves. Because learning and active participation, and all that jazz.

“A child might watch a video about autumn apple picking,” a news release explains. (Or as in the example, below, it could be a find-the-missing-letter question.) “The quiz question appears, ‘What color are the apples?’ The options to respond appear inside four stars colored blue, yellow, red, or green. To respond, a child just has to select a star with the correct answer. The youngster will instantly know if the answer is correct or should try again. It’s a fun way to learn about spelling, colors, counting, emotions, activities, and directions.”

Parents can download kiddZtube lite for free via Google Play or the App Store. In this lite version, families will have the opportunity to try out 20 videos for no charge. Then, if they decide they want full access to more than 1,000 videos and over 10,000 quizzes, the kiddZtube full version is available for $4.99.

So if you’re looking for an app that offers fun, educational, interactive and SAFE content for your preschooler, this mama thinks a one-time fee of 5 bucks is well worth the peace of mind.

Have you had any bad experiences with YouTube Kids? What do you think of kiddZtube?

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