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Importance of Protein in Meal Replacement Shakes
Importance of Protein

All meal replacement shakes for weight loss will contain varying amounts of protein. It’s not how much protein you consume, but the quality of said protein that is important. Think of your body as a car engine for a moment. When you use premium petrol, you get more mileage out of the tank, and it helps condition the engine. Now put in watered-down economy fuel in the tub, and you soon realize that you get less bang for your buck. The same can be said for protein and the body. This article has been based on Protein Importantness, so in below discussed about the Importance of Protein.

While some may say that the calorie content is the most critical aspect of meal replacement weight loss shakes. The truth of it is that calorie content comes quite low down on the list. Protein plays a huge role in helping encourage and maintain weight loss. Therefore it is essential that the protein you do consume as part of your daily diet is of the highest quality. There are two different types of protein that you can use, and the one you choose will largely depend on your dietary requirements and what your ultimate targets are. If you are looking at retaining lean muscle mass while losing body fat, then protein will become your new best friend.

Importance of Whey Protein

Whey protein is a milk-based water-soluble protein and is the most commonly used type. Of course, more than half the world’s population is lactose intolerant, so using whey protein will come with some pretty gross side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. The best type of whey protein for those who have no intolerances to lactose will be whey protein isolate, which is quickly absorbed into the body. Always check the serving size of whey per serving of meal replacement shake for weight loss.

Whey protein isolate tends to be more expensive than standard whey, but this is because it tends to be much more effective. Think of it as the premium fuel for your car. Price isn’t everything, though, and as long as the whey protein is of good quality and in a sufficient amount, all will be fine.

Importance of Plant-Based Protein

Plant-based proteins are a fantastic way of getting high-quality protein into your diet. While not as effective at helping build muscle mass as whey protein isolate, it is useful nonetheless. Excellent sources of high-quality plant-based proteins will come in a blend of 3 or more types for maximum benefits. Some common types of plant-based proteins in meal replacement shakes for weight loss are; hemp protein, green pea protein, and brown rice protein. Ensuring you get a hefty dose of high-quality plant-based proteins will help kick start your body’s fat-burning process.

Plant-Based high quality Protein in your diet

Effect On Lean Muscle Mass

Protein provides the building blocks for developing and maintaining lean muscle mass. When on a calorie-restricted diet plan, getting enough protein to prevent your muscles from shrinking and being metabolized can be hard. Making use of meal replacement shakes for weight loss can go a long way in getting all of your protein requirements and help you hold onto your muscle mass. As muscle burns more calories than fat, the more muscle you have and retain, the more body fat you can expect to lose.

Effect On Satiety

Protein is an excellent way to prevent hunger pangs and can keep you feeling full for longer. Protein works on the two hunger hormones, ghrelin and leptin. Leptin is a hormone produced by the body’s fat cells. It sends out a signal that the individual is full and no longer needs to eat, while ghrelin sends out a message to dining more.

A high protein diet can help suppress the hunger craving hormone ghrelin, therefore, reducing the number of hunger pangs felt and reduce the amount needed to handle satiated. A high-quality protein in a meal replacement shake for weight loss is similar to flipping the off switch on hunger.


So, as we can see, protein plays a huge role in helping with weight loss. The better the quality of the protein we consume, the better our weight loss efforts will be. Living on a reduced-calorie diet can be miserable when we feel constant hunger. However, protein can help alleviate hunger and make our weight loss much more comfortable.


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