How to get the Best Baby Monitor

There are a lot of things you need to take care of if you wish to keep your baby safe always. What we know is that parenting can be very difficult especially when you have to maintain your life and conduct other activities. You actually do not have to worry because the new technology brings to you the best Baby Monitor to solve your problems.

What is a baby monitor?

If you want to be a caring parent, then you will need baby monitors to help you watch, monitor and listen to your child remotely. They are made up of the baby unit and parent unit that ensure clear video and audio sounds are transmitted. The baby unit is designed with a Baby monitor camera and microphones and on the parent unit, contain a display monitor.

What are the types of baby monitor?

Audio baby monitors. This only transmit the audio made by your baby 

Audio & video baby monitor. These types transmit both video and audio 

Health-tracking baby monitors. These are good to know the sleeping time and heart rate among other health issues.

When does one need a baby monitor?

If you are a dedicated mother and you want to let your baby live a healthy life, then certainly you will need a baby monitor. The main reason as to why a baby monitor can be useful is to help you monitor your baby even if you are away from home. If you have a big house and you can’t hear the baby when she or he is crying, then you deserve to own a baby monitor. Also for some health reasons, you may be advised to monitor your baby and a baby monitor will prove to be useful

How to choose an ideal baby monitor? 

  • Health safety. Let the device you chose to be safe and can’t harm your child 
  • Privacy. Take control of your camera and let no one monitor your baby 
  • It should have a high video quality for you to get a better video of your baby
  • Range. Should transmit media over a range of more than 35 meters
  • Should have a high Audio quality to enable you to get the sounds clear
  • Long Battery life enables you to monitor your baby without worries

Best Baby Monitor

5 best baby monitor of 2019 along with tips for using them 

  1. Eufy SpaceView- This is the best baby monitor in the market. It can be installed within the shortest time possible and do not require one to create an account. You need 5 seconds to pair your smartphone with this device using a baby monitor app. You can move your monitor 110°vertically and 330°horizontally to locate your baby in the room. It uses radio waves to transmit the signal so there will be no need for you to get connected to the internet.
  2. Nest Cam Outdoor You need a few dollars to get this best baby monitor. It’s designed with features to enhance motion alerts and night visions and can also work with Wi-Fi. With this Baby monitor camera, you will be able to watch your baby with a high video resolution of 1080p. It has a 4K sensor, close-up tracking, and HDR. If you love to share pictures of your baby with your friends, then you can also rely on this baby monitor. It has a long life of operation and can still be used for a security camera.
  3. Infant Optics DXR-8 To ensure the durability of this baby monitor, you will discover that it’s designed with an interchangeable lens. This feature allows you to keep monitoring your baby as they keep has an LCD screen display to enhance the brightness. It can also work with dual camera and at the same time help with monitoring temperature change. It has Sound-activated LEDs to create a peaceful environment for your baby. The other advantage of this baby monitor is that it features a close-up optical-zoom lens to allow you to see everything that happens in the room without tampering with the image quality.
  4. Owlet Cam This Video baby monitor can be very effective if you work away from home and wish to see the oxygen level and the heart rate of your baby. For security reasons, this Baby monitor camera transmits live video using an encrypted Wi-Fi into your smartphone.  It offers a video with 1080p HD. Do not forget the smart socks that come with this camera for it’s the one that helps you to check on the heart rate among other health issues. It’s also designed with a two-way audio, room-temperature monitoring and 130°wide-angle lens.
  5. Cocoon Cam Plus To detect how your child is breathing, you can rely on this video baby monitor. It will give you a real-time breathing rate on your smartphone. It uses visual images to get the breathing rate. Once you pair this device with your phone, you can watch 720p HD-videos. It’s very affordable and you will not kiss to have it if you care for your baby.

Final words 

Make your wise choices and get the best baby monitor that can improve the health of your baby. You can buy all these baby monitors on Amazon for they are offered at a favorable price and with warranty included.

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