Seven Health Issues are Caused Due to Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious problem faced by the society as the chronic disease is spreading like an epidemic mostly affecting the young generation. Futures of our country are at stake and it is very important to take necessary steps to avoid spreading of this addiction. 

It is a problem that affects only the person abusing the drug. Because of that particular person most affected individuals are the family members, friends and the society. 

What are the Health Consequences of Drug Misuse? 

There are a wide range of long-term and short-term, direct and indirect effects depending on the specific drug or drugs used, dosage taken and the way they are consumed.  

Short-term effects which may cause after single dose include – changes in appetite, wakefulness, heart rate, blood pressure, and/or mood to heart attack, stroke, psychosis, overdose, and even death. 

Longer-term effects can include heart or lung disease, cancer, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and others which in-turn can also lead to addiction. 

Drug addiction is a brain disorder which may or may not affect a person on first usage. Drug usage changes how the brain’s circuits work and thus interfere with the person’s food habit, ability to control stress level, decision-making, ability to learn and remember and so on. It is not so easy to quit drugs even if a person is willing to do so. 

Drugs indirectly affect both the people who are taking drugs and also those around them. A person’s nutrition, sleep, decision-making ability is affected, risk for trauma, violence, injury, and communicable diseases increases. Women; stay out of drugs if you are pregnant because the outcome can be seen once a child starts his/her education, relationship is spoilt, they may even engage in any criminal activities. 

What are the 7 Health Conditions Caused by Substance Abuse? 

As per the report released in 2014 by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “over 10% of people in USA aged 12 years and older are affected from substance abuse and addiction. Some substances like alcohol and cigarettes are legal for people over a certain age but still people get addicted to these substances. 

Let us throw some light on the health issues faced by individuals due to substance abuse – 

  • Brain Damage – Due to the change in the brain chemistry because of these drugs intake, side effects observed in the person are – mood swings, hallucinations, and delusion and so on. For relaxation many people take drugs like – alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, marijuana, and sedative-hypnotics. These drugs are central nervous system depressants which reduce chemical transfer and neuron firing.

If a person uses these drugs for a longer period of time their brain become dependent on these substances to control neurotransmitters. If you stop taking these drugs all of a sudden, you will experience negative side effects because the brain cannot restore balance to neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. As a result parts of the brain change shape or size leading to mental health issues, personality changes, and physical problems.

Information relating to the health issues

  • Cardiovascular Problems – Your heart rate increases with stimulants and decreases with CNS depressants. As a result there is a risk of blood clots or circulation problem causing damage to the circulatory system with high and low blood pressure. Chances of heart attacks increase on using stimulants like cocaine or methamphetamines because the drugs increase the body’s stress response.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues – Your digestive system is affected if you are on drugs like alcohol, LSD, benzodiazepines, or prescription drugs like opioids or ADHD medication. Both oioids and benzodiazepines lead to chronic constipation. Other issues likely to be experienced are – stomach upset, indigestion, nausea, or vomiting. Gastrointestinal reflux disease (GIRD) is a form of gastrointestinal disease which damages the esophagus and you will feel pain eating certain foods. Malnutrition is a serious problem which occurs due to frequent vomiting damaging the esophagus.
  • Respiratory Problems – Sometimes even people are seen tasting drugs with smoking which damages alveoli in the lungs. Some CNS depressants, especially opioids, can slow breathing or make breathing shallow or irregular. Overdoses of opioids or any other CNS depressants, hypoxia can even lead to death.

If a person has reduced or depressed breathing pattern due to being addicted for a longer period of time, his/her body will starve of oxygen leading to damage of other organ system.

  • Liver Damage – One of the primary organs in our body is liver. It processes toxins and metabolizes nutrients. If too many toxins enter our body, liver cannot process them and the tissues begin to break. Alcohol, inhalants, heroin, and steroids can all rapidly damage the liver, causing cirrhosis or hepatitis.
  • Kidney Damage – Toxins out of the blood stream is filtered by our kidney. Drugs like rhabdomyolysis breakdown muscle tissue that floods the bloodstream with toxic chemical. Kidney is unable to process all the toxins out and hence gets damaged leading to renal failure that causes dialysis.
  • Infections and Immune System Damage – There remains high risk of infection from HIV, hepatitis B and C, or bacterial infections if drugs are taken through intravenous or using shared needles. Some drugs, like cocaine, directly impact the immune system’s ability to create white blood cells, which reduces immune response to infection. 

If you do not want to damage your system further say ‘NO’ to drugs today. If you find any person addicted to drugs, help him/her to get admitted in suboxone treatment clinics Providence and seek guidance from the experienced professionals. 

What Sort of Help You Can Expect at Suboxone Treatment Centers Providence? 

To stop the harmful effects of intoxicating substances people must opt for a detox program with medical professionals help. There are many suboxone treatment centers in Providence, USA where they offer comprehensive rehabilitation program. The doctors in the clinics have years of experience dealing with opioid addictions. They, along with their team of doctors, first understand the root of substance abuse problems and then prescribe suboxone medication along with therapies accordingly. 

To end an addiction or substance abuse, your body needs time to heal and hence it is essential to follow as per the guidelines provides at the clinics in Providence.