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The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor Review
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Hamilton Beach Juice is a renowned brand in the industry of kitchen appliances. This brand has forever been the preferred choice by most shoppers, particularly when for juicers and blenders. You need to understand that having the juice to be part of your daily diet will contribute to a great extent to your well-being. Rather than buying the packaged juice cartons, it is possible to invest in a durable juicer or blender. These are well-designed as well as efficiently made machines that continue serving people for long periods. In this article, we are looking to inform you everything you need to know about the Hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor.

Hamilton Beach Juice: Features

  • BPA-free for all the food zones
  • 800 watts power to extract juice from the toughest produce
  • Features a 3” feed chute which reduces prep time
  • Simple assembly, handling, and operation design
  • Dishwasher safe and removable plastic parts
  • Features a stainless steel cutter
  • The cleaning brush has micro-soft bristles for an easier cleaning
  • Comes with an industry-leading warranty of three years

Instructions of Hamilton Beach Juice

  • Select a fruit or vegetable where you want to extract the juice
  • Most juicers will tackle plump fruits & vegetables, including the root vegetables and some leafy greens. It is also possible to put together different fruits & vegetables of your choice. This will, of course, make a nutritious beverage.
  • Wash your fresh produce
  • You should remove the bad spots from your fruits or vegetables if any. Slice up your fruit or vegetables to get rid of pits or stones which may be present. Remember also to remove stems and put your prepared produce right in the bowl.
  • Plug your device in & later switch it on
  • Feed your prepared produce into your juicer to extract the juice. You should work slowly, but be sure. This will allow you to get as much liquid as possible from the fruits or vegetables.
  • Extraction process
  • Here, you will be needed to extract all the products where you will later turn the juicer off. After that, you will be required to stir your beverage and later pour it into the glass.
  • Take your unit apart.
  • The last step will be to rinse the juicer’s components thoroughly and wash them as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Hamilton Beach Juice

Pros and Cons of Hamilton Beach Juice

The Hamilton Beach juice extractors have many excellent features, as we have seen above. However, it comes with its pros and cons. We are sure you would like to know them. Read on for this;


  • It is not that pricey
  • The juicer has a wide feeding chute
  • It is quick as it juices an apple in just 3 seconds
  • Its parts are dishwasher safe


  • Some lack of RPM information
  • Only processes hard produce & citrus fruits

Tips for Cleaning & Care

Some of these extractors tend to give more juice compared to others. You also need to note that the ratio of pulp to the liquid differs from one fruit to the other. Many fruits & vegetables like apples, carrots & cucumbers do not require any pre-cutting into small pieces. This is because they will fit in the feed chute. All the same, it is good that oranges, melons as well as pineapples get peeled before you place them in your unit. This will help in minimizing the impact on the juice flavor.

On a similar note, for all fruits which have pits & large seeds, for instance, nectarines, you must ensure to pit them before juicing. To extract maximum amounts of juice all time, slowly guide food through the chute to prevent it from spraying out of your juicer’s spout. Also, avoid allowing the container for your pulp to get overfilled. The reason we say so is that this has the likelihood of preventing regular operation or even damaging the whole unit.


With just five removable parts that require cleaning after every juicing session, the juice extractor is essentially among the easiest when it comes to cleaning. The Hamilton beach big mouth juicer performed very well in all the juicing tests it was subjected to. Although it is not the most powerful juicer in the juicers’ industry, you will like the fact that it yields the right amount of juice. Apart from that, it is similarly high in the pulp. If you are, therefore, a person who likes much fiber without minding froth, you will definitely like this juicer.  The Hamilton Beach juicer comes with an industry-leading warranty of three years. This shows that the manufacturer is confident with the juicer, and so should you.


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