Got a newborn under the tree? 7 classic toys to gift



Joyce Slaton

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It’s hard to buy a present for a baby. They can’t really do much yet, so many of the toys and games and tchotkes you remember from your own childhood still have to wait a while. Don’t spend the holidays frustrated because your baby can’t grasp the presents you bought — try these simple, never-fail options instead for a happy baby and happy parents.

first years stacking cups infant toys

1. The First Years Stacking Up Cups:
Turn them into a tower that can be satisfyingly knocked over by one small flailing hand or take them into the bathtub to pour water. Each cup has a number on the bottom, which adds to the playing fun — a child told to turn over cup 3 for a treat is going to learn her numbers fast! (Amazon, $3.99)

2. Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym:
Babies absolutely adore this floor mat with a keyboard at one end. Kicks are rewarded with musical notes, and the piano can be rotated so babies can play with it during tummy time, or while sitting up. (Amazon, $25.98)

3. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center: If you need a toy to keep your baby busy at restaurants or the dinner table, this is the one. It suction-cups securely to the table (or any flat surface), and spins with the slightest baby-touch, its colored plastic beads swirling around inside. It’s so much fun that may find you want to play with it too! (Amazon, $7.79)

4. Bright Starts Snuggle Teether: Teething babies go nuts over these inexpensive and cute little toys, which have a crinkly belly and soft rubbery chewable feet. You can’t specify which animal you’ll get — either an elephant or a giraffe, according to the whims of chance. But for the price, you can’t beat this teething toy for infants. (Amazon, $4.30)

5. Baby Einstein Octoplush:
Every time your baby grabs a tentacle of this plush toy, it says the color of the stitched emblem on its end in English, Spanish, or French. Babies love to twiddle the tentacles, chew on them, and hug the octopus’ soft body to hear a little tune played. (Amazon, $10.99)

6. Vulli Sophie la Girafe: If you’ve never seen an enraptured infant staring into a giraffe’s face, you’re about to. Babies love to hold, touch, squeeze, and chew on this French (thus, “girafe”) teething toy, which is made from natural rubber with food-grade colors. (Amazon, $23.95)

7. Munchkin Little Boat Train Bath Toy: This is the quintessential bath toy you’ll have in the tub until your child is well into grade school. These colorful boats float, stack, make a little whistling sound when they submerge, and attach to each other to make a little “train” in the water. (Amazon, $3.79)


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