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If there’s a person on your list who’s hard to buy for, poking around the stores looking for something — anything! — suitable can be stressful. Who needs it? So we’ll save you some eternal-scrolling moments by showing you the most bestselling gifts on Amazon that are suitable for families and family members.

1. Echo Dot: Alexa, is it going to rain today? Alexa, can you call Grandma? Alexa, can you play “My Shot?” Just think of all the ways that Dot can make your life easier and hands-free-er. And since it works on a natural voice interface, tiny children and elderly adults alike can use it. If your dad doesn’t understand what the Dot is for, have one of your kids show them.

Buy it: $29.99

2. Exploding Kittens: Games are always terrific gender- and often age-neutral gifts, and if your giftee is a sport, you can open ’em on up and play them after dinner. Players draw cards until they get an Exploding Kitten, whereupon they die — unless they have a card that de-fangs, re-directs, or stops the kitten in its tracks. Kids as young as 5 or 6 can play this game after a little instruction, and even beat grownups.


Buy it: $19.99


3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster: Buy a bunch of these and your family can have hilarious battles indoors or out. Each gun holds 6 (soft) darts, which can fly up to 90 feet and nail your loved one right in the behind. Put the blaster on Slam Fire mode to machine-gun all 6 of your darts one after another when you want to really pelt your beloved friends and family members.

Buy it: $12.99

4. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote: Plug the Fire Stick into your television and whatever you can stream online hunched over a computer, you can now watch on your big screen TV with everybody in the family. The Alexa-controlled remote means you’ll never have to scroll endlessly through an on-demand TV menu or laboriously spell out titles.

Buy it: $39.99

5. Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit: Turn LEGO bricks into moving machines and Rube Goldberg-ian contraptions. All the parts of this kit will fascinate both small (the kit is rated for kids 8+) and large people: bricks, balls, strings, ramps. If you long for a present that will make grandparents and grandkids quiet down and sit working cooperatively at something on the kitchen table, this is the one.

Buy it: $17.67

6. The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: If you haven’t experienced the wonder of Instant Pot cooking — which combines quick-and-tenderizing pressure cooking with the ability to saute and slow-cook — this is the book to lead you. Want to be able to take meat out of the freezer and be sitting down to a delicious home-cooked meal 30 minutes later? Buy this book! And if you don’t already have an Instant Pot, you’ll need one of those too.

Buy it: $6.61; Instant Pot, $99.95

7. Connect 4: It’s so easy to play and understand that even small kids can join in — and so can those with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or people who don’t speak the same language as the rest of the people at the party. Children love to play with the big, round pieces, and just adore the ending of the game, when you slide open the game’s bottom and let all the pieces come cascading out.

Buy it: $7.99

8. Wonder Woman: If you haven’t watched this feminist gem yet, you should — and it’s a great gift movie for whole-family viewing (you may want to wait until the really little kids go to bed; see Common Sense Media’s review to gauge the levels of violence, sex, and other potentially worrisome content for your family). The older members of the family will love it because of the vintage-comics underpinnings, while those too young to remember the comic will just enjoy a thrilling superhero tale.

Buy it: $19.61-$29.99

9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: Common Sense Media recommends this thrilling adventure for age 11+, but some parents may be okay with watching with younger kids. This epic Star Wars adventure has a refreshingly diverse cast, strong roles for women, and a terrific story. It’s also a little violent, fyi.

Buy it: $14.99-$19.99

10. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Illustrated Edition: Even if your giftee has read it before, this edition, gorgeously illustrated by imaginative artist Jim Kay, brings the story to life in a brand new way.

Buy it: $17.99

11. Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording): The songs are incredible, and hold small kids and older family members alike spellbound. Grandparents will love the history; kids will just want to learn all the lyrics and sing along. Expect to keep this one in the car in heavy rotation for kid-transport duties.

Buy it: $16.14

12. Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Coffee Lover’s Variety Pack: 40 K-cups will give every coffee-drinker in the house something to love. Newman’s Own, Tully’s, Donut Shop, Green Mountain, and other blends allow caffeiners to try different flavors, roasts, and blends.

Buy it: $24.22


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