Get an Online Consultation in Less Fee and Time

The human skin being the first line of defense, is always on the verge of getting infected, if either one of the equations in the body goes down. The direct exposure to the ultra violet sun rays, dust and pollution causes lots of disorders and dysfunctions to the human skin. At times, during the hormonal changes in the body there are many skin related issues which can be noticed in the people ageing between 13 to 35 years. Most of the visits paid to the dermatologist is by the adolescent and the people hitting mid-twenties. The hormonal changes bring up the possibilities of skin infection and makes it disproportional.

Skin related issues

There are numerous amount issues which are listed in the skin dysfunction journals. Some are categorized as severe and some have shallow effects and takes less effort to cure it. The skin is the most showcased part of the body and to keep it smooth and healthy, there millions of pores present on the skin. The pores are the carriers of the impurities inside the body and also the dead or inactive skin cells are carried at the surface of the skin through sweat. When these pores are clogged either due to the dust or excessive production of Sebum (a liquid which is produced by the skin tissues to keep the skin surface smooth and moisturized). This process leads to the emergence of an acne over the skin. And if the early stage of an acne is ignored or picked or disturbed the next version is the cystic acne which is much uglier on the interface and painful over the cyst.

The skin disorder such as rashes, some allergies, pustules, ingrown hair follicles and acne can be treated online, with the dedicated prescription from the dermatologist and also some tips as self-care which works in favor of the process of curing it. The specialists who deal with the issues related to the skin, hair and nails are known as Dermatologist. These shallow skin disorders can be solved and cured with the help of online dermatologist consultation only.

Benefits of having an online dermatologist

There are several benefits to have a consultation from an online dermatologist or nurse licensed to diagnose until and unless the disorder seems decent. Initially, when we visit a dermatologist the reports takes about a fortnights to a month’s time to diagnose the issue, wherein with online dermatologist the maximum turnaround time is only 24 hours. The interpretation of modesty in the cure is indulged to a great extent. There are many patients who would prefer sending a snapshot of the skin disorder or the area to the dermatologist, instead of the bare exposure in person. At times, when we visit a clinic, there are several patients we come across who carries a different kind of skin diseases with them, hence safety is another major concern.

The cost of the visit in comparison to getting a consultation online is another major factor. If a patient visit a dermatologists clinic, the minimum amount to be paid as consultation is not less than 100$, but with online dermatologist, it’ll range from 30$ to 50$. The consultation at times are free depending upon the severity of the issues. There are cases which require urgent attention and the specialist don’t consider the patient to wait for online replies but they ask them to pay a visit before the condition goes worse. There are several diseases listed and encrypted under the insurance policies as well, depending upon the seriousness, hence a consultation fee can be bargained too. The patient also gets free advices related to the diet and on some occasions are advised for some workouts too.

To conclude, the online dermatologist services are available 24*7 every day. No need to take an off from work, pay for the gas or petrol and wait in the queue and pay for the service charges and get diagnosed after a long wait. So this is one of the major convenience and flexibility available for the consultation seekers.

The skin needs ultra-care these days, as it’s the first introduction of yours to anyone. Hence, taking care of yourself is a must fact. It’s never in the favor of your skin to leave any unusual spot or bump unnoticed. Do a consultation and get it off the grid before it turns into skin inflammation and ruptures the synergy of the body.