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Epic Books for Kids
Epic Books for kids

We are currently in the age of young-adult literature. Here, books that are ostensibly written for kids are similarly loved by readers in every generation. Some of them are cultural touchstones that every kid’s library should have. There are latest releases as well with limitless classics quality. These are the types of books handed down to the siblings and passed around in classrooms. Ideally, these are epic books for kids’ students. Whether your little one is a reluctant reader or a book enthusiast, you need to consider getting them the best reads.

Best Books For Kids

Since this might not be easy for you, we compiled the most epic books for kids that you will want to consider. Have a look at them below!

  • Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus!

This is the book that stars our list of the most epic books for kids. In this book, a bus driver happens to take a break from his route. Here, an unlikely volunteer shows up to occupy his place- a pigeon in this case. We bet you have not met one like the pigeon before. The pigeon pleads and begs his way throughout this book. Kids will love being in a position to respond and decide the pigeon’s fate. In this exciting picture book, the author, a famous cartoonist, captures a preschooler’s temper tantrums so well.

  • Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

When the sun sets behind that big construction site, the hardworking trucks prepare to say goodnight. One after the other, 5 trucks complete their work and are now lying down for a rest. This makes them ready for the next day’s tough and rough construction play. The sweet rhyming text by the author will soothe kids into some peaceful rest. It will be an excellent read for the young construction fans.

  • Goodnight Moon

In some great green room, a little bunny is tucked away in bed. Here, he says, ‘goodnight room and goodnight moon.’ The little bunny wishes a good night to all familiar things in the softly lit room. These include the picture of the 3 little bears sitting on chairs, mittens, and kittens and to everything one after the other. The poetry of words in the book makes it ideal for ending the day.

Epic Books for kids


  • The Snowy Day

This book perfectly captures the sense and magic of the likelihood of the very first snowfall. With a universal appeal, it reveals a kid’s wonder and the hope to capture and keep the wonder forever. The book is basically about the adventures of a small boy in the city during a highly snowy day.

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

On one sunny Sunday, a caterpillar is hatched from a very tiny egg. This caterpillar happened to be very hungry. When Monday came, he ate one apple; Tuesday, he had three plums and still felt very hungry. Upon getting full finally, he had a cocoon around him and slept. He woke up a few weeks after and had changed into a butterfly. This book perfectly teaches and captures the metamorphosis of butterflies.

  • Where The Wild Things Are

Max happens to be a naughty and wild boy. He is sent to bed without having supper by the exhausted mother. While in his room, he envisions sailing very far away to the land of wild things. As opposed to eating him, this wild agrees to make the boy their king. This is a classic masterpiece that has a very wild imagination suitable for all ages.

  • Harold And The Purple Crayon

After thinking about it, one night, Harold decides to take a walk in the moonlight. He is armed with just an oversized purple crayon. The young Harold draws a landscape for himself that is filled with excitement and beauty. Harold carries out his adventure with the highest prudence allowing his imagination to run freely. He uses the required purple crayon precautions. Harold draws landmarks to avoid getting lost, sketches a boat when he gets in deep water. He also makes a purple pie picnic after feeling pangs of hunger. The piece shows how far imagine takes you.

  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Mrs. Rabbit on one morning says, ‘now my dears, go down the lane or into the fields. Do not go to Mr. McGregor’s garden.’ Mother rabbit takes off with her basket and umbrella. However, mischievous Peter Rabbit decides to go to the same place they were warned not to go to and leaves the rest. What happens later? Beatrix Potter tells the whole story.

  • The Cat in The Hat

Poor Sally and the brother are stuck in the house cold and wet with nothing to do. Later, a giant cat in a hat will show up and changes the dull day to a madcap adventure and wrecks the place in that process. This book changes how our kids learn how to read. The book has been recommended for kids aged three years and above.

  • Last Stop on Market Street

Last but not least, this is another book on the list of the most epic books for kids. At times when you are surrounded by dirt, you become a good witness to what is beautiful. CJ starts his weekly bus journey in the city with dissatisfaction and disappointment. He wonders why he and the family could not drive a car as friends do. Through encouragement and energy, CJ’s nana assists him to see the fun and beauty in their routine.

The Bottom Line

That’s it! These are the most epic books for kids that will be passed down to siblings. Written by award-winning authors, your kids will love it. Even better, there will be lessons to learn in the end. Some of the books here are also ideal for ending the day as they help soothe the little one to sleep.


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