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What would this holiday be without four garbage bags full of recently peeled wrapping paper, toys that will soon destroy your vacuum or wind up in the garbage, and a debit card on the verge of strike?

holiday games and gifts

It would be awesome, that’s what it would be!

The last couple of years I have pushed the whole “minimalist Christmas” and really worked on getting both Ryan’s and my family on board.

I started very subtly by gifting things that the whole family could enjoy together…and preferably that day/night as we all spent time with our extended family. Then, I got a little more courageous and came out and directly said, “Please, no more junk.”

We started gifting each other things that were useful in everyday life, or things we could do together as a family. And here is what happened: the last two years have been the BEST.CHRISTMASES.EVER. I took a poll and everyone agrees. Check out the games that we have gifted and have been huge hits.

1. Lightning Reaction (available on Amazon for $35). This one is such a hit that the new version is gifted to someone every year. I cannot even put into words how hilarious it is to see your loved ones get shocked. It seems unethical, but it ain’t Christmas at our house until Grandma gets electrocuted.

holiday game lightening reaction
Watch this family’s first experience with the game:

2. Bean Boozled board game (available on Amazon starting at $15). Spin the wheel to unleash your destiny. Will you pick a good bean or a bad bean? Is it Caramel Corn or Moldy Cheese? Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food? We can’t wait to see! Because, I say again, nothing says Merry Christmas like seeing your family suffer — just a little.

holiday games and gifts

3. Speak Out (available on Amazon for $15). This is a super-fun one for adults and older children. And, unlike Lightning Reaction, those who are pregnant and/or with pacemakers can participate! It isn’t torture-level funny, but it is still a great time.

holiday games and gifts

4. Hearing Things (available on Amazon for $15). This. I have no words. Watch for yourself.

5. Doody Head (available on Amazon for $14). Ever want to throw doody at your sister’s head? Me too! Well, now there is a game for that. This one is fun for both kids (my 3-year-old loves it) and immature adults alike.

holiday gifts and games

What game would you suggest for holiday fun?

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