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Types of Buprenorphine

7 Different Types of Buprenorphine: All You Need to Know

Buprenorphine can be considered as a life-saving and effective medication that can help people in beating the problems of opioid addiction. This is done with the easing of the withdrawal symptoms and reducing the cravings that people often tend to have during their addiction stage. Buprenorphine is an opioid on its own. But there is a difference that most people don't know about such opioids and Buprenorphine. There are some other opioids such as Oxycodone and heroin as well. However, the Different Types of Buprenorphine just partially stimulates the opioid receptor of the brain while other opioids seem to have a significant effect on the receptors.

Now that would be the result of the partial binding? Well, this type of binding in the person who is addicted leads to something that is known as the 'Ceiling Effect". This is where the other different opioid effects, such as respiratory depression and euphoria, don't seem to work. This is a fantastic effect, and it makes sure that Buprenorphine is considered to be a safer option for sure. So, there is a lesser risk of addiction in the patient than the other opioids as well.

Apart from that, the risk of having respiratory problems is also reduced. That is one of the main reasons why the Suboxone treatment doctors Woonsocket tend to recommend this medication to the people who are trying to deal with the problems of addictions. In case you have someone in the family or the friend's circle who is trying to deal with the issues of addiction, no doubt having the benefits of Buprenorphine is going to be the highest form of help for them.

That is why we are here to discuss more the different products which have Buprenorphine in them. This way, you will be able to have an idea about the medications that you can provide to you near and dear ones who are trying to undergo some treatment for Suboxone addiction Woonsocket. We urge that you listen to each and everything pretty carefully so that you don't end up missing out on the details, which are very important in this case.

Some Of The Different Types of Buprenorphine                                        

Here we are going to break down some of the different types and brands of Buprenorphine, which you can provide to the patients of drug addicts so that they can get some help in the best way. We are also going to discuss some of the points which tend to make these medications different from one another.


There is not a single speck of doubt about the fact that Suboxone can be considered as one of the most popular forms of medications that are commonly used by the people who want to have proper Suboxone treatment for their near and dear ones for sure. The drug is so popular that Buprenorphine and Suboxone are used in an interchangeable format as well. There is a film of Suboxone that the patients tend to get. They need to put it under their tongue and then dissolve it so that the medication can show the desired effect in the best way.


This is another form of Buprenorphine which is known to be pretty useful in treating the patients of addiction and opioid abuse problems. This is a medication that comes in the form of tablets. The patient needs to take the pill under the tongue and let it dissolve to make sure that the medication is working. Just like Suboxone, Naloxone is present in Zubslov, which can deter the person from misusing the drug. There is a slight difference in the taste though that is something that makes people choose one or the other.

Generic Buprenorphine/Naloxone

There is another form of generic medication that people can use for Buprenorphine, and it has already been approved by the FDA as well. This is something that people are going to find in the pharmacy, and it doesn't have a fancy name as well. There might become who might prefer having a name to the brand but that is all that they are going to get when they are searching for the generic medication for sure.


When you want to make sure that the person who is addicted to the drugs and opioids can start new, then this is another form of Buprenorphine that you can use to get the desired results for sure. Subutex is considered to be Buprenorphine, which doesn't have Naloxone in it. The medication comes in the form of tablets, and that has to be dissolved under the tongue. However, there is a little risk with it.


Sublocade is also a prevalent form of medication that is used once in a single month. This is a bit different from the rest of the medicines which are provided on the list for sure. The patients need to ensure that they have started on Zubslov, Subutex, or Suboxone before they get to start with Sublocade in the best way.


This is another form of Buprenorphine which is supposed to be injected in the body of the person who is suffering from the problems of drug abuse and opioid dependency. Every single injection consists of about 0.3 mg of Buprenorphine, which is enough to ensure that people can have a better life that is free from addiction in the best way for sure. That is also one of the main reasons why people tend to use this medication.


Here we have another one of the essential forms of Buprenorphine transdermal patch, which has been designed to make sure that the long-term opioid treatment of the people happens in the best way. This is also pretty different from the rest of the ones mentioned above. Go ahead and choose the right form of Buprenorphine to make sure that your loved ones get the correct types of Buprenorphine treatment.

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