Daddy’s Little Valentine

cover picThe season of love is round the corner. Soon you will see red balloons and red sparkling lights all over the streets and bazaars. You’ll notice the market and mall corners flooded with gifts and cards. All over there will be soothing aroma, pleasant enough to make everyone’s mood. Love isn’t limited and so not it’s celebration. So why celebrate this valentines leaving your daughters home to nannies. Instead take them along, break the monotony and let her be the Daddy’s Valentine. Do not fret over what you’ll make them wear, we have all the kinds of dresses for baby girl. Why not have a look?

Pinkcow Maroon Layered Tulle Dress

pinkcow_maroon_layered_tulle_dress2This is a beautiful dress to make your daughter her father’s perfect little valentine. This is a layered tulle dress beautifully embellished with floral designs. Also it has intricately crafted bodice which makes this dress elegant. This is a great pic for this valentine. No doubt you’ll surprise your love and your little love both with this. Make her turn into a diva.

Pinkcow Gorgeous White Flowers Kids Dress

pinkcow_gorgeous_white_flowers_kids_dressThis is a beautiful dress which sure will take away all your love’s attention towards your little love. Well, isn’t it good, you obviously will be happy if your little girl will be. So here’s a perfect dress to dress her and make her, her father’s little valentine. This dress is embellished with flowers on the neckline and thus gives a complete flowery look to your diva. This is an asymmetric hemline dress which your little girl will love to have and wear. The criss cross at the back adds beauty and style to the over all look.

Pinkcow Floral Beautiful Kids Dress

pinkcow_floral_beautiful_kids_dress4This is another amazing dress your little girl will love to wear to celebrate her valentines with the first man of her life, her dad. How wonderful it will be for both her and her daddy to celebrate their valentine together, of course with you. This is a layered dress with beautiful and attractive floral applique on the bodice. This dress hold a fancy tulle too. This is an elegant dress your girl will totally love to wear, and hold a valentine date in. This is a best pic, we assure you’ll have a wonderful valentine.

Pinkcow Asymmetric Layered Kids Dress

pinkcow_asymmetric_layered_kids_dress3This dress is the best of all we have at our store. This is dyed in one of the most unique and sober color. This is an asymmetric layered dress with embellishment of beautiful sparkling beads all over the dress flare. This dress could be well pared with a sparkling footwear and a headband. There’s also a cute bow at the back giving this dress a proper fit and look. Your daughter is completely going to slay in this amazing gown on a date with her dad.

How well did you like our idea of celebrating your valentine’s day like this? You all loved it we know. So start with it by selecting one perfect outfit for your daughter’s date with her dad. Being her mother and her father’s wife , you know well how important the date is. Good luck!

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