Classic Camel + Black (and an IVF update)


classic fall winter fashion_camel coat slimming black pants

classic fall winter fashion_camel coat slimming black pants

J.Crew Factory wool coat 00p (no petite sizes this year, unfortunately), Uniqlo mock neck tee xs (see the “brown” color on me), Banana Republic sloan pants 00p, Hermes belt, Tory Burch purse on sale!, Ann Taylor bow pumps sz 5 (F&F sale coming soon)

Before I get back to regular outfit posts, I wanted to say thank you. I read each and every comment, direct message, and email in response to my last post, and was so moved by your warmth and support. Even though I may not have replied directly, please know that each message was uniquely meaningful to me. And your personal stories allowed me to feel and share in your own incredible successes and heartbreak, in a way that’s amazing for women connecting through a blog.

For those who are interested, I wanted to occasionally share more of the highs and lows of the journey as we go. After leaving off with IVF egg retrieval in my last post, the next steps were to wait and see how many eggs fertilized, and then how many survived to day 5. In our case, the embryos that grow to day 5 are frozen to undergo genetic testing (takes ~3 weeks). Each embryo that’s deemed normal can then be thawed and implanted into the uterus, where it will hopefully “stick.” At every waiting point along the way, there is almost always a dropoff – sometimes of 50% or more.

Our doctor was able to retrieve 21 eggs last week. I was admittedly on a high, and feeling oh so optimistic! But only 9 became fertilized, and then yesterday while in the grocery store parking lot, I was told only 3 embryos survived to undergo testing (which means perhaps 1 or even none could make it to implantation). I couldn’t help but burst into tears right there. I know it’s ok and even important to cry at times, but your messages helped me find strength and regain positivity, as we continue down this uncertain road. So thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

ann taylor bow tweed pumps camel coat
camel wool winter coat black outfit petite fashion blog


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