Breastfeeding was so uncomfortable I thought I was going to have to stop



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Breastfeeding is the one mama task that came easily to me when I had my first child. My now 8-year-old daughter latched on easily, the milk came freely, and it was all good in the nursing hood. Feeding my new baby boy has been a different story. I’ve dealt with everything from sore and cracked nipples to low milk supply and a bunch of things in between.

I never paid attention to the tricks and products that other moms shared when they’d talk about how to make breastfeeding more comfortable. I didn’t have to when it was smooth sailing for me. Now, however, I’m front-row center asking questions, taking notes, and willing to do anything I can to ensure I can nurse my baby for as long as possible.

Rachel’s Remedy by Dr. Brown’s is a natural breast relief pack that I’ve been using for the last few weeks, as I had been struggling with discomfort while nursing. Even though I was willing to push through it (anything for my baby!), I was grateful to find a product that actually helped make nursing easier for me.

The package comes with two reusable breast relief packs. Each pack has a flaxseed pillow made with 100 percent organic cotton that can be warmed in the microwave to soothe my sore breasts. It can also be placed in the freezer for cold relief, and the waterproof pillow cover helps keep your clothes dry.

I preferred using the heat therapy to encourage let down on days when I knew I needed to pump and prepare a few bottles. In prior weeks, I had been very discouraged. I would sit and pump for at least 10 minutes before my milk would come down, and I would only be able to express a couple of ounces.

Before I tried it, I wasn’t sure Rachel’s Remedy would really make a difference with let down — I was surprised and happy that it did. Apparently moist heat increases circulation and helps release oxytocin, which leads to milk flow. After what felt like hours of painful pumping, it was a welcome change to be able to fill a 5-ounce bottle in less than 15 minutes!

The breast relief packs are made to fit inside your bra, and they were pretty comfortable. They were a bit bulky in my regular bra, but fit perfectly in a nursing bra with the pad taken out. I like to freeze the pads and wear them cold to soothe my aching breasts. It is helpful to have them frozen and ready to pop in my bra after nursing my greedy little guy, and I am a lot less achy than I was a few weeks ago. I can definitely see how they would be a relief to hot breasts if you were suffering from mastitis, too.

I’ve been nursing my son for 6 months and hope to go at least another half a year. I was so worried that I would have to give it up because of all of the issues I was having. I am pleasantly surprised that without any supplements or special diets, Rachel’s Remedy has been able to help make breastfeeding a lot less challenging. I’m going to keep using the breast relief packs for comfort, and bond with my sweet boy for as long as possible.

How have you dealt with breastfeeding discomfort?

This post is sponsored by Dr Brown’s. All opinions are truthful and my own.

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