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Breastfeeding Tips For Moms With Large Breasts
Breastfeeding Tips For Moms

While some women have naturally large breasts, many others have recently seen their breasts enlarge due to pregnancy. While it is entirely normal, it could have several disadvantages and can raise a couple of issues. If this is your case, keep reading to find out how you can deal with these problems and be the best mother you can be! It has made a lot of mothers seek answers and breastfeeding tips for large breasts.

Breastfeeding Tips For Large Breasts

Ask for Assistance

It is entirely normal for mothers to refuse to ask for help. Most mothers do this because they may feel like they should intuitively already know this, and by asking for help, they will seem like a bad mother. Well, none of these things are true. Asking for aid is never a sign of weakness and can significantly benefit you in the future. You should resolve your queries as much as possible to better grip the issue and learn how to avoid mistakes.

Find the Right Bra

One of the most important things to make breastfeeding go as smoothly as possible is finding the right bra. The most important feature to look for in a bra is support. That will allow you to be more comfortable and will decrease your stress. As a matter of fact, your breast will be heavier than usual, and to prevent back pain, a good supportive bra will help.

You also want to avoid bras with underwires. That is because unwiring might press against your breast tissue, which can cause severe damage and block your milk ducts. You should also keep in mind that a too loose bra will be uncomfortable to your back and chest. Meanwhile, a too-tight bra will also be uncomfortable when you are full or possibly engorged. That is why it is essential to find the right balance and measure yourself the best way possible.

Breastfeeding Tips

Keep the Breasts Soft

Because you might be producing a large amount of breast milk, your breasts can quickly get full. It can happen even when it isn’t time for the baby’s feeding. That can make your breasts dense and heavy, which is simply uncomfortable.

Not only this, but when the baby tries to feed, he can’t latch properly since the breast is hard and can’t get his mouth completely over the nipple. Due to this, it is essential to retrieve the excess breastmilk. You can easily do this by using a breast pump. That way, you can store the milk and save it for later.

Support Your Breasts

Huge breasts can feel quite heavy. It is bound to create a lot of pain in your back and neck, especially when accompanied by long cycles of breastfeeding. To avoid this and feel more comfortable, you should purchase a new nursing bra. These bras should be able to not only keep your breasts supported but also allow easy access to the nipple for breastfeeding. You probably should avoid trying out previous bras since their sizes will not be appropriate.

Wear Clothes that Give You Confidence

Although it is not health-related, this tip is just as important as any other. You need to feel comfortable in your skin to relax and be the best mother you can be. Not only this, but you should also wear clothes that are easily accessible for your baby. You should pick clothes that will make you feel like the best version of yourself and encourage you to work harder. It will make it easy to nurse on demand without fighting through your clothes.

Learn From the Baby

Large breasts have a higher capacity to hold milk than smaller ones. Although this is mostly good news, it can also encourage your baby to feed a lot more than usual. Not only this, but it may result in having longer feeding cycles with longer gaps in between. As necessary as it is to follow a breastfeeding guideline, it is important to learn from the baby and know the signs of his hunger.

Breastfeed in Front of a Mirror

One of the essential things for your baby to feed correctly is a friendly and comfortable position. To help you out with this, you can use a mirror to see where the baby’s mouth is and where your nipple is in relation to the baby’s mouth. The mirror can help you see your breast and your baby’s latch better. That can come in very handy with large breasts since they can make it difficult to see it from your point of view. By using a mirror, you can check the reflection and make adjustments accordingly.

Learn the C-Hold

An easy technique for ensuring successful breastfeeding in the case of large breasts is the C-Hold technique. This technique consists of the mother holding the breasts in the area of the nipple and flattening it so that the baby can hold it in his mouth. It will help aim the breast and let the baby properly latch onto it.

Monitor the Baby’s Weight

Just like large breasts can hold a lot of milk, they may also not hold enough. That is why it is crucial to have a nurse or doctor check the baby’s weight regularly. Although he should not have a low weight, he must not consume so much milk to cause excellent weight gain. Due to this, it is essential to adhere to a healthy medium.

Handling Engorged Breasts

Some mothers may have had medium or small breasts before pregnancy. Moreover, their pregnancy can make their breasts swell up a lot more than expected. This condition is known as breast engorgement, which may be due to an over-production and supply of breastmilk. In this case, the mother must get a doctor’s opinion on whether the condition should be treated.

The Bottom Line

Motherhood is a fantastic experience, but it can have a lot of issues, especially with large breasts. Overly large breasts can result in severe complications for both the mother and the baby if not dealt with soon. So, if you are struggling with some breastfeeding issues, make sure to follow our tips or check with a doctor to make sure everything is going smoothly.




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