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The Best Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms

The Best Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms

Being a new mom is hard. It can be tricky if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like making mistakes. It can lead to feeling really stressed out and even thinking that you’re not a good mom. Even if you read every book out there on how to parent, the truth is that you learn on the way. Here we bring you the best breastfeeding positions so that both you and your baby can feel more comfortable when it’s time to eat! Push all those negative thoughts away because they’re not true! Lousy moms are the kind who think that everything they do is perfect. They rarely want to hear any outside opinions or implement changes. Good moms doubt themselves and are always willing to try new things to keep their babies safe, happy, and healthy! When you’re a new mom, breastfeeding can be one of the biggest challenges. Everyone else makes it look easy, but you might feel embarrassed to ask if you have trouble with it. Well, don’t sweat it! Anyway, without further ado, let’s dive right into this list!

Best Breastfeeding Positions

Sometimes changing how you hold your child when you feed them can make a world of difference, both to you and to them! The best breastfeeding position can also change as a baby grows and a woman gains confidence. No single position works for everyone. Let’s get right into this list of different breastfeeding positions so that feeding time can be a calm and relaxing experience!

The Cradle Hold

It is a tried-and-true position that women have been using for generations. It may be difficult to breastfeed in this position right from the start, but once your baby can latch on well, this is a comfortable and common way to breastfeed. Cradle Hold This position is very natural to get into! All you have to do is hold the bulk of your baby’s body with your non-dominant hand, letting their headrest on the crook of your elbow, hold their bottom with your dominant hand, bring them up or down if needed.

The Cross-Cradle Hold

This hold may sound complicated because of its name, but it’s pretty simple and has a lot of benefits! The cross-cradle hold works well for nursing preemies, newborns, and babies that have trouble getting latched on. The Cross-Cradle Hold It’s pretty simple to do as well! All you have to do is squeeze your breast with your dominant hand and cradle your baby with your other arm. It allows you to see your nipple so that you can check whether your baby is latched on or not.

The Football Hold

You’ve probably heard of these one a million times. ‘Just hold it like a football!’ you hear yourself screaming at your husband as he looks at your child like it’s a nuclear bomb. It happens all the time for a reason. Football is a trendy sport and easy for people to grasp. The Football Hold To hold this position, grab a pillow and lay it over your knees. Put your baby on the pillow and hold its head with your dominant hand. This position is perfect for women who’ve had c-sections since it doesn’t put pressure on the abdomen.

Side-Lying Position

Side-Lying Position This position is excellent for when you’re utterly exhausted and just want to nurse your baby while laying down. It’s also effortless to accomplish. All you have to do is lay your baby on their back and your dominant hand to hold their head up from their neck. Place your dominant hand on the back of their neck and gently move it up or down so that they can latch on. Lay on your left side with your back supported to feed on your left breast. Place your baby on their side, with their chest against yours, so that they are facing you.

Laid-Back Nursing Position

Laid-Back Nursing Position Laid-back breastfeeding, also known as “biological nursing”, is when you lie back in a comfortable semi-reclined position on a comfy sofa or bed. This position is very natural to the mother and great for breastfeeding for the first time! Just sit down in a comfy chair where you can recline, plop your baby against your chest and gently guide them to your nipple so they can latch on.

Rugby Ball Hold

Rugby Ball Hold This position is excellent for disabled moms since it doesn’t require the use of two arms! Just plop your baby down with their body tucked close to you and their feet touching the back of the chair or the bed frame. Hold their head with your dominant hand and gently guide them to your breast so that they can latch on!

Double Rugby Ball

Double Rugby Ball It is a variation on the last hold that can also be quite useful and great for twins! Just plop a cushion across your knee and place your babies’ head on it, holding each head with either hand so that you can pay attention to both of them.

The Bottom Line

Being a new mom can be scary but doubting yourself is sometimes the only way to know you’re doing a good job! Just keep your mind open, and don’t be afraid to try new breastfeeding techniques if the ones you know aren’t working. References
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