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Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

Best CBD Gummies for Sleep: Top 7 Brands of 2021

CBD has become popular in recent years, especially in a convenient gummy form, due to the many health benefits it has to offer. One of the aspects where one can benefit from CBD is sleep. The best CBD gummies for sleep can alleviate the symptoms that cause insomnia. Therefore, allowing you to get your much-needed rest. Some of the common causes of insomnia are chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and even medications – all of which CBD gummies can help with. However, it can be difficult to find the best CBD gummies to help you sleep, especially if you don’t know where to look. With that said, we have prepared this short overview of the top 7 CBD gummies available on the market these days that will help you find the best gummies for your needs.

Best CBD Gummies Brands for Sleep and Insomnia

Although more research needs to be conducted, there is some evidence linking the benefits of CBD and sleep, with the former being a great way to achieve restful sleep. With that said, below are some of the best CBD gummies that can help you get a full night’s rest.


If you’re looking for the best CBD gummies, then FAB CBD’s CBD Chews are worth checking out. As one of the more well-established companies that produce high-quality CBD products, FAB CBD offers a wide range of CBD-infused products – from the classic CBD oil to CBD dog treats. Their CBD Gummies are one of their most popular products and are available in bottled form. Each bottle contains 30 servings of CBD sleep gummies, each containing 25mg worth of CBD. Therefore, each bottle has a strength of around 750mg and comes in a yummy fruity flavor. Fab CBD’s CBD gummies are vegan-friendly, containing only all-natural and organic products. This, then, makes them safe for consumption and environment-friendly as well. Fabcbd Highlights of FAB CBD Gummies
  • Contains 30 servings per bottle
  • Each serving is infused with 25mg worth of CBD
  • Each bottle has a total strength of 750mg
  • Organically-grown and all-natural
  • Non-GMO and with zero pesticides
  • Vegan-friendly


Another excellent source of CBD edibles for sleep is the CBDistillery whose product lineup is extensive and of high quality. Their products range from CBD oils to CBD-infused creams and powders, providing you with enough selection for all your CBD needs. As such, CBDistillery also offers their clients a convenient and discreet method of getting their usual dose of CBD in the form of CBD gummies. They have two types of CBD gummies: one regular and one night-time version, with the latter being infused with melatonin to help one sleep. As one of the best CBD gummies for sleep, CBDistillery’s gummies come in well-designed bottles and each containing 25 servings of CBD-infused gummies. Each serving of CBD gummy is made with gluten-free and allergen-free ingredients, making them highly vegan-friendly and kosher as well. In terms of strength and potency, CBDistillery’s gummies contain 30mg worth of CBD along with 1.5mg worth of melatonin for their nighttime version. CBDistillery Highlights of CBDistillery’s CBD Gummies
  • Infused with organically-farmed non-GMO CBD
  • Thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory for quality and safety
  • Contains 25 servings per bottle
  • Each serving contains 30mg worth of CBD, with 1.5mg melatonin for the nighttime gummies
  • Contains 0% traces of THC, making them safe for consumption
  • Comes in a variety of fruity flavors like raspberry, strawberry, and raspberry-lemon


Specially made for those suffering from sleep problems like insomnia, CBDfx’s CBD gummies are infused with both broad-spectrum CBD and melatonin which allows consumers to easily drift off to sleep. Each gummy is infused with 10mg worth of CBD and 5mg worth of melatonin, making it a potent and effective sleep aid. For the best results, CBDfx advises its clients to take 2 CBD-infused gummies around 30 minutes before bedtime. This allows your body to adjust slowly to its effects, allowing you to drift off to sleep in no time. Each bottle contains 60 servings of lemon-flavored CBD sleep gummies, therefore, having an overall strength of 300mg per bottle. CBDfx Highlighted Features of CBDfx’s CBD Gummies
  • Made with 90% organic ingredients
  • Each bottle contains 60 servings
  • The total strength of 300mg per bottle
  • Each gummy contains 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 5mg of melatonin
  • Tested by a third-party laboratory
  • Vegan-friendly

Charlotte’s Web

If you’re looking for the best CBD gummies for anxiety and sleep, then the ones from Charlotte’s Web is definitely worth checking out. Each bottle contains 60 servings of CBD-infused sleep gummies, with every gummy containing 10mg of full-spectrum CBD along with 3mg of melatonin. Charlotte’s Web combines the naturally relaxing effects of CBD with melatonin, creating an effective sleep aid that enables consumers to regulate their sleep cycles. Like with the previous entry, Charlotte’s Web encourages its clients to take two pieces of gummies around half an hour before getting into bed. This allows them to achieve a restful night’s sleep. Charlotte’s Web’s CBD sleep gummies are created with 100% natural ingredients and are gluten-free, making them safe to consume, even for those who have food sensitivities. Charlotte’s Web Highlights of Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies
  • Formulated with 10mg full-spectrum CBD and 3mg melatonin for each gummy
  • Each bottle contains 60 servings
  • Made with all-natural ingredients and is gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • Helps regulate one’s sleep cycle
  • Promotes better quality of sleep

Verma Farms

These CBD-infused gummies from Verma Farms are infused with 21mg worth of CBD per serving, offering a slightly higher dose compared to the others. As such, not only is it helpful for dealing with insomnia, but they are also great CBD gummies for anxiety and other related problems such as depression. However, because of its potency, they advise their clients to take half a gummy daily or as needed. Each container of these gummies contains a total strength of 500mg, making it one of the more potent CBD edibles for sleep available these days. The CBD gummies from Verma farms are available in a wide range of flavors such as blueberry and melon. Verma Farms Highlights of Vera Farms’ CBD Gummies
  • Each bottle contains 20 servings, with a total potency of 500mg
  • Each gummy is infused with 21mg worth of CBD
  • Made from all-natural and THC-free ingredients
  • Comes in several tropical fruit flavors like peach, melon, and blueberry

Green Roads

Green Roads’ CBD Sleepy Zs is their version of the best CBD gummies for sleep. Each gummy is infused with 25mg worth of broad-spectrum CBD along with 0.5mg worth of melatonin – a potent combination that allows you to easily drift off to sleep. Unlike the others on this list, their Sleep Z’s CBD gummies come in packs of two, having an overall strength of 50mg per pack. To ensure the safety and quality of their products, everything has been independently tested by a third-party laboratory. Their CBD gummies are made from natural ingredients and are gluten-free, perfect for vegans and others with food sensitivities. Best CBD Gummies for Sleep: Green Roads Highlights of Green Roads’ CBD Gummies
  • Each pack contains 2 servings of CBD sleep gummies
  • Every pack has a total strength of 50mg
  • Each serving is infused with 25mg of CBD and 0.5mg of melatonin
  • Independently tested by a 3rd-party laboratory
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free
  • Pharmacist-formulated

Premium Jane

Lastly, these premium CBD-infused gummies from Premium Jane are considered so for a reason. Their CBD gummies are made from all-natural ingredients and have been independently tested for the safety of their clients. Each bottle contains 30 servings, having an overall strength and potency of 750mg per bottle. Each gummy is infused with 25mg, making them ideal for those who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia. They are made from 100% THC-free pure CBD isolate, making them safe for consumption and have a high level of purity for a more potent effect. Their CBD gummies are available in mixed-berry flavors, giving you a fun yet discreet way to take your dose of CBD and help with your sleep problems. Best CBD Gummies for Sleep: Premium Jane Highlights of Premium Jane’s CBD Gummies
  • Organically-sourced and non-GMO
  • Available in 30 servings with a total strength of 750 mg per bottle
  • Contains 25mg of CBD per serving
  • Formulated with all-natural ingredients and pure CBD isolate

CBD Gummies: How Effective Are They Against Lack of Sleep?

Depending on the strength of their dosage, CBD gummies can be highly effective for fighting against sleep disorders like insomnia. This may be because CBD is effective at addressing and alleviating the symptoms of some of the most common causes of sleep deprivation. These causes include anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and medications. Even studies have concluded that CBD can be an effective way to address these issues, therefore, resulting in better quality sleep.

What’s the Proper Dosage to Consume CBD Gummies for Sleep?

The proper dosage for CBD gummies depends on a variety of factors such as your weight, your body’s chemistry, your condition, and the concentration of CBD available with each serving. To determine the best dosage, it’s recommended that you consult with a doctor first. If they don’t provide you with a recommendation, it’s advisable to start with a small dose and gradually increasing it to the ideal amount. Moreover, most CBD gummies for sale indicate how much you should take as each product’s concentration vary from company to company.

Known Additional Benefits of CBD Gummies

Aside from helping you achieve restful sleep; CBD gummies have other benefits such as:
  • Alleviates the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Relieves pain
  • Can help reduce stress and stress-related conditions?
  • Can be good for the skin
  • Helps one feel calm and relaxed

Do CBD Gummies Have Any Side Effects?

Like with any product, there can be side effects experienced with CBD gummies which is why it’s ideal to consult with a physician first before taking them. Nevertheless, CBD gummies are overall a safe way to take CBD. Some of their possible side effects include:
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight changes

Best Places to Buy CBD Gummies

To ensure that the CBD gummies you’re buying are authentic and safe for consumption. It’s best if you purchase from the manufacturers’ official websites themselves, all of which we have linked above.


If you’re looking for the best CBD gummies for sleep, then the companies mentioned above are worth checking out. All of their products have been tested and proven to be safe for consumption. Just make sure to consult with a doctor first and follow their recommendations to get the best results. CBD gummies are a great and discreet way to get your daily dose of CBD and the various health benefits it provides. They are also a convenient way to help your body and mind relax, allowing you to get plenty of restful sleep at night. By getting enough sleep, you can lead a healthier lifestyle and ensure the continued proper functioning of your mind and body. After all, sleep is one of the most important things you need in life.