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The Best Art Supplies for Kids
kids art supplies

If your kids are driving you crazy, you are probably not offering them what they need. There are times when you want some peace, but the little ones will not allow that to happen. The best way you can keep your kids engaged and quiet in the house is by finding a way in which they can explore their creativity.

Arts and crafts projects with the best art supplies for kids prove to be a fantastic way of keeping kids attentive as they engage their creativity. What comes to every parent’s mind is how dirty the carpet is likely to get after the paint is spilled all over as the kids get over-enthusiastic with their new art supplies.

This is the exact reason why we are talking about the best art supply kits for kids. These include washable paints, color pencils, and others that never create any mess in your house. Proceed to see the best art supplies for kids on amazon below.Art supplies

The Best Art Supplies Checklist

As far as the best quality art supplies for kids are concerned, parents tend to be somehow crazy. They will want to ensure that their kids have fine arts and crafts to bring out the best in their kids at that early stage. To ensure that you do not miss the important stuff, we created a list of the essential items you need to have.

  • Markers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Beads
  • Watercolors
  • Chalk
  • Crayons
  • Scissor
  • Colored pencils
  • Clay or playdough
  • White glue
  • Paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Yarn or string

With this list, you might be thinking that all is done, but the truth of the matter is that there is pretty much more. These are just the essential tools that will give your creative kid a good starting point.

Best Art Supplies for Kids

There are optional fun supplies that you can still purchase. All the same, this list will be a good starting point.

  • Poster Paints

One of the staples for your kids’ activities will be tempera paint. What makes this poster paint best for kids is that it is versatile, washable, pocket-friendly, non-toxic, and easily accessible. Bicolor paint is also loved and used by kids because it is shiny and vibrant. More so, it adheres to most surfaces. If you are therefore looking to get some metallic paint, this one will be a good option.

  • Watercolor Paints

If you are yet to try out liquid watercolor paints, you must be missing a lot. These are used for virtually everything, including regular painting for any science experiment and craft projects. As far as these paints are concerned, there are so many that you can use, including Pelikan and Melissa & Doug watercolor set.

  • Oil Pastels

This is another art supply that you would want to get for your kids. There isn’t a favorite brand since people will have different needs. Crayola oil pastels are ideal for people looking for sturdy or chunky oil pastels. For a more refined version, the Faber-castell gel crayons will be good for you.

  • Playdough

This is some modeling compound that kids will use in their art and crafts projects. Kids can use playdough or clay. Most people prefer homemade now that they are most economical. There exist so many playdough recipes that you can use to come up with your modeling compound. If you do not like making your own, you can check colorations of classic dough on amazon.

  • Glue

This one is important in so many ways. Even though it could not be used alone, kids use it in so many art activities. For paper collage, you will be required to have glue sticks. Apart from that, with a glue gun, gluing sculptures will be easier and faster.

  • Tape

Your kid can use different tape types, including colored masking tapes and printed craft tapes. Most of these tapes are easy to tear and stick. With the printed craft tapes, you will be able to bring happy moments as you help to boost imagination among the little ones. These tapes arrive in different sizes depending on the intended use.

  • Markers

These had to be on this list as they are the ones that make the magic happen. There are different marker brands out there. Crayola markers, for instance, will be good even though you can still experiment with other brands. When you need to work on different surfaces, permanent sharpie markers will be good for you.

  • Clay

Kids enjoy sculpting with clay, and to accommodate that, there are different brands offering clay out there. For instance, you can try real potters’ clay, even though it is believed to be somehow messy. Crayola air dry clay is modeling clay that comes in sealed plastic to keep it fresh. It is delicate and natural, allowing it to fit in the little one’s hands for modeling. You use the storage bucket provided to keep the clay soft and ready for reuse.

  • Paper

It would help if you got your kids colored construction papers and white art paper. Sketchbooks and art journals will be great for portable art. Important papers like the easel paper rolls will allow your kids to use the entire body. They can be placed on an easel, the wall, or on the floor.

  • Stickers

Kids love stickers so much, and the good thing is that the market has so much to offer. You can get colorful dot stickers that arrive in assorted colors. Most of these stickers have an excellent adhesion that allows them to remain firm in place on any surface. Image-based stickers prove to be even more fun among the little ones.

  • Colored Pencils

Your kid could be a fan of sketching colorful drawings or filling in detailed colorings. With the best-colored pencils, all this will be possible. You can try the Prismacolor premier colored pencils that give kids all the colors that they need. These pencils have a soft lead allowing them to make a smooth coloring and make shading easy.

The Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of his review, and we hope that you got the best art supplies for kids in 2021. This list has the best art supplies for kids in every age bracket. There are few things that you need to note before you can grab art supplies for your kids. The first one will be the age bracket. You will be required to choose art supplies that are generally age-appropriate.

Second, in case your kid has some allergy, go for art supplies that have nothing allergic for the kid. For your safety and that of the kid, the art supplies must be non-toxic.

Last but not least, washable art supplies will eliminate any mess in the house. That’s it! Go ahead and choose the best art supplies for kids from the above list.


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