Best Android Spy Software Review – The One Spy

Although there are many spy software in the market, TheOneSpy is facilitating people since long with its unique service. It is popular among people because of its quality surveillance and reliable results. It gives complete remote control over targeted phones. It has easy-to-understand functions and satisfies thousands of customers successfully.

Businesses are using TheOneSpy to enhance their business value in the market by enhancing their employee productivity level. TheOneSpy also provides a solution for parents by offering them a digital parenting service. It gives true parental control over kid’s devices, so parents can see to whom their kids are meeting, where are they going, and what are they doing, etc. Beside that individual can use TOS spy software to protect their own devices from stalkers.

Let’s see how TheOneSpy is beneficial for us.

Unique Features of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy has advanced broad features which help every person who wants to protect their loved ones or protect themselves from harm. Mobile phone spy software efficient features provide instant monitoring results on demand.

Here are some unique features of TheOneSpy.

  • Call logs Tracker

It performs the following main functions.

  • Call Logs

It allows the user to track all incoming and outgoing calls with the right interval and date.

  • Call Recording

If the user is busy, the user can send the recording command. After recording, it will automatically upload to the user cloud account.

  • Message Tracker

The message tracker provides all sends and receive messages and allows the user to watch live chatting as well.

  • Spy on Phone Contacts

User can get contact information like saved contacts and newly added contacts, etc.

  • Live 360 streaming

It provides 2 main functions.

  • Live 360 camera streaming

It enables the user to watch live surrounding activities of the targeted device by controlling both front and back cameras.

  • Live 360 surrounding Listener

It allows the user to listen to surrounding conversations of the targeted device on a single click.

  • GPS Location tracker

User can track all locations wherever the targeted person goes.

  • Geo-Fencing

It enables the user to put an alarm on restricted areas, so when their loved one or employee will go there, an instant alert will automatically send to a user cloud account.

  • Multimedia tracker

It enables the user to view all multimedia files and folders of photos, videos or audios on targeted receive.

  • Social media tracker

It enables the user to track targeted person activities on all social media accounts, either WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, or any other social account.

  • Keylogger

It empowers the user to get keys/ passwords of all account.

  • Internet History and Bookmark

It gives access to all internet searches by the targeted person and user can also track all bookmarks as well.

Android Spy software Review

Benefits of TheOneSpy

Most people prefer TheOneSpy. It is not because of its advanced features, but also because of its unique services. Let’s look at some of them.

  • User-friendly reports

User can get monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports of any or all activities performed by the targeted person.

  • Real-time monitoring

It provides real-time monitoring results with 100% accuracy and efficiency.

  • Online and offline monitoring

Beside online monitoring, if internet sudden gets disconnected, then it can record activities offline as well. When the internet gets connected, it automatically sends all data to a user cloud account.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

TheOneSpy gives 14 days money-back guarantee on all plans and packages.

  • Discount offers

It offers discounts especially on events, like these days TOS is offering up to 90% discount on all packages.

  • Compatibility

Best android phone spy software is compatible with all Android systems and models like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc.

  • Customer Support Service

Their expert technicians provide 24/7 service.

How Can You Start Instant Monitoring?

You can start monitoring with it in easy ways.

  • Go to the TheOneSpy website and select the suitable package according to your phone version.
  • Log in the email in the targeted phone and by following it, download and install the TOS mobile app.
  • All data will automatically be transferred to your cloud account. Now you can start instant monitoring from your dashboard.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for reliable and real-time monitoring software, so TheOneSpy is the best mobile spy software to fulfil your requirements. After knowing about its outstanding features and services, you probably want to adopt this latest technology to protect your loved ones.