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Best Android Educational Apps in 2022
Android Educational Apps in 2021

Nowadays, every child has a cellphone from a very young age. Some even learn to go around apps and mobile games before learning how to read. One thing’s for sure: whether we like it or not, cellphones are here to stay. Therefore, why not use them effectively and make the most out of them? There are thousands of educational apps kids can profit from, but some stand out. So, let’s take a look at the best educational apps for kids and, maybe, adults too.

The Best Android Educational Apps

There are many examples of educational apps out there in the Play Store. However, some work with terrible software that makes the experience of using them highly dull. Our top 10 best educational apps for 2021 include:

Khan Academy

  • Khan Academy: This online resource for learning is well-known for lending a helping hand with traditional subjects. Topics such as math, science, physics, and economics will become easy peasy in a matter of minutes. How? This app counts with over 10,000 videos to quench your thirst for knowledge. Whether you want to learn new concepts or go over everyday stuff, this app is perfect for students on a budget. It’s one of the best free educational apps. Besides, it is also available for kids to use.


  • EdX: If you dream of studying in a big-name university, like Harvard or MIT, but can’t afford it, you can still access their top courses. EdX offers thousands of online courses in over 30 subjects from several top universities from around the world. While you won’t get a legitimate college degree, you can take advantage of its courses from actual colleges.


  • YouTube: If you have never heard of this one, you have been living under a rock. Though extremely popular, most people don’t see Youtube as an educational app. But, no doubt, it is one of the best online teaching apps. Want to learn how to change the oil in your car? Or master how to fix a computer? From everyday problems to complicated stuff, Youtube tutorials can guide you through almost anything.


  • Photomath: As you might have already guessed, this app focuses on math. But, how does it work? Very simple! You take a picture of an equation and, with OCR technology, the app provides you with the answer. Even though it may sound like cheating, this is one of the best apps for students struggling with math. Photomath gives you the step-by-step procedure so you can learn how to solve the equation by yourself.


  • SoloLearn: Are you into computer coding and programming? Then, this developer on Google Play is perfect for you. There is content for both beginners and pr They support web languages like HTML, more common languages like Java or C++, and even more technical stuff like Python.


  • Quizlet: By creating flashcards, high schoolers can improve their self-directed study skills. The Quizlet Learn feature provides different modes of testing, such as true and false questions and multiple-choice. Additionally, the difficulty increases as you create study sets. Besides, on Quizlet, you can also find material made by other students, which might match up with your needs. The downside is that this content may contain errors.


  • Coursera: Being one of the best learning apps for students, Coursera offers a wide variety of lessons and topics. From math and science to even technology, it has over 1,000 different courses. The best part is that the lectures also have reading assignments and video content. Moreover, at the end of a course, you will earn a certificate of completion. However, while some of the courses are free, others will cost you some money. 


  • Duolingo: Language-learning lovers are always up for putting in a good word for this one. Through mini-games, this app makes the language-acquisition process much more enjoyable. Moreover, the activities will become more and more difficult as you go further. What struck me the most about this app is the number of languages it supports. While most people wrongly believe it only teaches English and Spanish — maybe even French— it actually offers over a dozen languages.

Socratic by Google

  • Socratic by Google: Among a sea of free educational apps for students, Socratic is highly popular. It covers many subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature. What’s more, Google announced they would release even more topics. As regards usage, it works similarly to Photomath. By taking a photo of the question, the app provides you with an answer followed by an explanation.


  • Udemy: If you are looking for a course-style learning app, you should download Udemy. The variety of skills this app teaches its users is enormous. From Adobe and Microsoft lessons to public speaking and cooking courses, Udemy has it all. However, one disadvantage is that, though free, you have to pay for in-depth video lectures.

The Final Touch

Though technology isn’t always suitable for children, it can also be used to engage them in a new topic actively. Most kids will get distracted quite easily during an explanation. However, these educational apps will keep them focused on the task. Young learners need fun-style methods to acquire knowledge more effectively. From your little ones at home to your older teenagers, there is an app for all of them. What’s more, there are apps adults can also benefit from.


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