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Shawn E. Sullivan

Shawn is a passionate writer that has the interests of new mothers at heart. Having faced the challenges of being a new mom like any other mother, she has helped so many people face the hardships that come with being a new mother. Shawn admits that when she got into motherhood, she felt like the ground beneath crumbled. She says that she felt unstable where she could not get anything right. It was at this time that she started working at She had consistent days of talking to pregnant moms through her great articles while taking care of her little princess Annabel. She admits that doing this helped her in the same way it helps our readers to date. Shawn fully understands the power of sharing thoughts and experiences, and if you are therefore looking to learn motherhood, Shawn will help you with that. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Community Development. Shawn is an important resource at, especially for her vast experience.

Epic Books for kids

Epic Books for Kids

We are currently in the age of young-adult literature. Here, books that are ostensibly written for kids are similarly loved by readers in every generation. Some of them are cultural touchstones that every kid’s library should have. There are latest releases as well with limitless classics quality. These are the types of books handed down to …

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