The AICOOK Juice Extractor Review- This is Everything You Need to Know

Aicook Juice Extractor basically is a very fast way in which you can get your body the nutrients it needs. This device will definitely be ideal for you if you are among the individuals who have a tight schedule due to their busy lifestyle. In essence, this device gets the job done in a fast and efficient manner. 

Juicing basically extracts most of that liquid from the fruits & vegetables which leaves pulp behind. As the pulp is left behindthe fiber from fruits or vegetables, the plant food’s part which can’t be digested by the body is similarly left behind. Those vitamins located in fruits or vegetables, for instance vitamin C & vitamin A, will be absorbed in a better form when liquidThe body is capable of bypassing the unnecessary fiber digestion and later absorb nutrients. 

Besides, this is the ideal choice if you are to detoxify your body, lose weight. In this article, we are going to discuss everything which you require to know about this juice extractor. There are several Juicer on the market to choose from but we are focusing on this juicer in this article.  


  • Healthy and delicious juicer 

This juicer will extract a maximum of 26% juice & 36% vitamins/minerals as compared to the other juicers. All the materials which have contact with food are verified to be FDA and BPA-Free.  

  • `3” Feed chute design  

This will definitely make the tool very easy for you to clean the device. The chute will also fit the whole fruits and vegetables with no need for slicing or chopping. Again, other than the motor base, the other parts for the juicer are verified to be dishwasher safe. 

  • Safety locking arm  

To complement this, it comes with a non-slip feet which prevents your juicer from slipping. Overload protection for the device will prevent over-heating. To add to thatit has an automatic shutdown feature whenever it senses machine overloading. 

  • 3 years technical consultation  

The machine also comes with a customer service team which is ready to serve. In this regard, you will receive help anytime throughout the twenty four hours. 


  • Assemble the device as per the instructions from the manufacturer
  • Turn the power supply on by pressing the switch
  • After powering the device onallow your device to run empty for about five seconds
  • You should later put your prepared vegetable or fruits on the feed port for the juicer
  • Press the machine with its pushing bar in an even, hard and slow manner
  • You are going to get your juice within no time 


The AICOOK Juice Extractor

Pros and cons 

After we have had a look at the features of this juice extractor, you will definitely want to understand some pros and cons for this device. Below we have listed some of them and as you will see, the pros outdo the cons by far.  


  • It comes at a very affordable price with similar performance to SKG or Kuvings juicers
  • This juicer is ideal for juicing both fruits & vegetables
  • Wide feed chute which lessens the need for chopping fruits such as apple
  • It is ideal for making soy milk or nut milk
  • The accessory has a very silent operation 


  • The warranty period is too short
  • Not that fast compared to the centrifugal juicers
  • The non-Ultem components might crack in case you juice hard ingredients such as carrot 

Tips for cleaning & care 

  • Prompt cleaning of the device makes very huge differenceYou realize that fresh juice or pulp is going to easily get washed away especially when you use some hot water.
  • If your device has some metallic parts which must be soaked, you should never allow them to be left for soaking the whole day. This is definitely going to prevent any cases of rusting.
  • Soaking the juicer’s residue in some alcoholfor instance vodka, will basically aid in softening or removing it.
  • Always avoid placing the base for your juicer in water if you want long service from your juicer.
  • In case you are not in a position to completely clean whatever part of the juicer, it would be better to order for some replacement from the manufacturer. 

Final words 

Aicook juicer wide mouth juice extractor is basically a new & great budget alternative for those folks who wish upgrading their centrifugal juicer. This device is basically a cheap option compared to the SKG & Kuvings slow juicer. However, it offers comparable performance so you will be getting value for your moneyWhat you need to be wary about is the fact that the Aicok juicer will not utilize the Ultem components which puts it at the device at the risk of screen cracking especially when you will be juicing the hard stuff. However, if you are not looking forward to juicing the hard ingredients such as carrots, this is definitely going to be an ideal option.