A pregnancy Christmas ornament is an impractical gift, and I don't care



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I had zero chill when I found out I was pregnant with our first child. The fact a baby was growing inside of me screamed inside my brain no matter if I were at the grocery store, the library, or cooking breakfast. I wasn’t just a person going about their daily routine — I was A PREGNANT WOMAN getting gas and checking the mail.

About a week after we shared the big news with family and friends I found a package had arrived for my husband and me. As I tore it open and caught a glimpse there was baby stuff inside I burst into tears. It meant so much to me someone in my life thought what was happening was as big of a deal as I did and had cared to send us a congratulatory gift.

If I recall correctly it was a pack of bibs and a cute infant bodysuit. Nothing major, but you would have thought they were rare treasures the way I felt about having been gifted them. That’s when I decided I’d forever celebrate someone else’s pregnancy news by sending a little something.

This past Thanksgiving we found out a newlywed relative of ours and his wife, who unfortunately live states away, are pregnant — with twins! I literally had goosebumps upon hearing the news.

Since then I’ve been poking around to come up with a fun gift idea, and I think I’ve found it: a pregnancy Christmas ornament.

Check out a few options I found on Etsy…

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop Rustic86

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop TimberbrookCottage

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop IttyBittyWedding

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop SavortheMemories

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop DesignCAB

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop PenguinsPinneapples

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop TheRedCabinStudio

pregnancy Christmas ornament

Etsy shop MysticCustomDesignCo

I know it’s not a practical gift (perhaps I’ll Amazon a box of diapers their way as well!), but I love the idea of celebrating this special year in which they’re expecting but not quite parents yet. Their 2017 and 2018 holidays are going to be so different.

Among my family’s favorite ornaments are tiny frames with the year on them. Inside each is an image of my boys together. I have lots of pictures of them, of course, but I love seeing this set appear from the basement just once a year.

Here’s hoping my gift game is on point, and the parents-to-be I know will treasure their little ornament for years to come as well.

Does a pregnancy Christmas ornament interest you? What do you like to send as a congratulatory gift?

Images via Etsy. Links to stores and corresponding products noted with each image. Happy gifting!


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