9 tactile toys that make great stocking stuffers

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I have a few fidgeters in this family.

We try to get plenty of exercise and to have items around that the kids can play with and get that tactile input they crave (I love this article on fidget toys and why your kid’s brain loves them, if you want to learn more).

Since a lot of these toys are small, they make great stocking stuffers this holiday season! Check out a few of our favorites here:

1. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

This stretchy putty comes in the coolest colors – iridescent shades of purple and pink and green…metallic hues like silver and gold. There’s even Magnetic Thinking Putty and glow-in-the dark putty. You’ll probably try to steal it from your kids at some point.

Buy it: $14.87/3-pack of mini tins

2. Hohner Kids Mini Rainmaker

Fun to watch and soothing to listen to, this 8-inch rainmaker helps toddlers and older kids work on gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development. Like a calm-down jar, it can be a good toy to help over-stimulated kids wind down.

Buy it: $8.99

3. Monkey Noodles

These stringy toys stretch from 10 inches up to 8 feet when pulled, then bounce back to their original shape and size. Kids can pull, wrap, twirl, and squeeze them and they provide sensory and tactile stimulation. Each set comes with a 5-pack of various colors.

Buy it: $7.99

4. Superhero Fidget Spinners

If you have an elementary school child or older, I’m guessing you have several fidget spinners already. But I hadn’t seen these nicer superhero ones until very recently. They’re higher quality than the cheap drugstore ones – made of metal with some heft to them. They also come in a special tin case. We own this Ironman fidget spinner, and it’s held up very well.

Buy it: $15.99

5. Tangle Jr. Hairy Sensory Fidget Toy

Each Tangle has a chain of curved sections kids can turn and twist into multiple configurations. They can also take each section apart and snap it back together, and the rubbery fuzzy texture just feels fun! This toy encourages fine motor development, tactile exploration, and stress relief.

Buy it: $9.95

6. Toysmith Wood Fidget Puzzle

I love these. They can be arranged into thousands of shapes, they’re colorful and snappy. And because they’re wood, they actually look nice just sitting on a shelf or desk even when they’re not being used. I’d grab them for the kids, and maybe one for any adults you know who get bored sitting at a desk all day.

Buy it: $4.73

7. Fidget Cubes

These are great for times when children can’t be messing around with fidget spinners. My son’s teacher even allowed him to bring the cube to class as long as it stayed in his pocket where it wouldn’t distract others. The cube has different sides for them to rub, roll, press, and switch…and it’s covered by a one year warranty in case it breaks.

Buy it: $5.99

8. Edushape Easy Grip Sensory Puzzle Blocks

These thick foam puzzle blocks are covered with pyramid-shaped nubs on all sides to enhance kids’ tactile experience. The brightly colored blocks can fit together in different patterns and shapes and can be used to build a variety of creations.

Buy it: $19.79

9. Play-Doh Fun Tub

Play-Doh is great for tactile input and for encouraging children’s imaginations and creativity. This Fun Tub comes with 5 different-colored containers of Play-Doh and 20 pieces – stampers, a roller, and 12 cutters. Everything fits right inside the tub for easy storage.

Buy it: $8.99

Does your family have any favorite tactile toys?

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