9 gifts that will make new moms cry



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If there is a pregnant woman or new mom at your holiday table this year, here are the gifts that will make her mist up and hug everybody in sight.

1. Jewelry is a mom classic. This necklace, made out of recycled silver sterling, has a delicate bar that rests on your collarbones, holding a mama bird and one, two, three, or four little baby birds. (Mother Nestling Birds Necklace, $70-$79)

2. If there’s a new daughter under the tree — or in her belly — you can count on this bracelet to cue the waterworks. You may want to buy two; one for mom to wear now, one for your little girl to wear in time, the interlocking circles always symbolizing their unbreakable bond. (Mother-Daughter bracelet, $39.95)

3. Get an impression of those precious, tiny hands and feet as soon as you can, because you’re not going to believe how quickly they grow. This kit comes with a little stamping set that lets you put your baby’s name and birthdate in the plaster, a detail that only grows more sweet with time. (Personalized Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake, $22.95)

4. This heartrendingly sweet book is about a lonely bird who’s looking for his mother. He goes around asking all sorts of animals “Are you my mother?” but is refused time and time again, until he finds a kind and loving bear who doesn’t look like him, but loves him like a mother just the same. This story is particularly suitable for adopted children, but it will make any tenderhearted mother pull her chick closer and shed a few tears. (A Mother for Choco, $4.50-$14.30)

5. If the new mom in your life has a song she sings to her baby, this custom-made music box is a guaranteed “get me the Kleenex” gift. Have a mother-and-son or mom-and-daughter on top, choose a color, and choose a song: “You Are My Sunshine,” “Over the Rainbow,” and “What a Wonderful World” are all mom-and-baby classics. (Simplycool Custom Made Music Box, $54)

6. Channeling the magic of long summer days spent with your baby, this mom-and-daughter necklace set reminds both that your little one is the seed from her mother’s beautiful flower. Both the dandelion and little-fluff pendants are on beautiful, delicate silver chains. (Mother-Daughter Dandelion Necklace Set, $54.99)

7. Expect moms to get all choked up when reading this beautiful book filled with the simple gratitude of a child for his mother. “I love my mommy because she reads me stories,” it says, with an image of a boy and his mother curled up together in a big chair. “I love my mommy because she feeds me when I’m hungry.” And isn’t your baby so lucky? If your mom-and-baby happens to be Spanish speaking, there’s a Spanish-language edition of the book, Quiero a mi Mama Porque… (I Love My Mommy Because…, $6.01)

8. Motherhood moves pretty fast. And most moms want a way to keep track of the sweet everyday moments. But staring down the barrel of a baby book, with its places for paragraphs of memories and page after page of questions, can look very intimidating to a new mother who barely has time to feed herself. Instead, give her this sweet, simple book, which has space for one small thought every day. Keep it by where your baby sleeps, with a pen beside it, and she’ll find herself reflecting, remembering…and loving you for being so thoughtful. (Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, $13.15)

9. Mom jewelry with a birthstone for everyone in the family is a classic, and this beautiful pendant comes with 12 different stones, so that as you add to your family, you can add new colors. Make her cry imagining the family that is to be — and wearing the family that is now. (Tree of Life Pendant, $15.59)

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