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If you’re doing some last minute-shopping for the perfect Hanukkah gifts this holiday season, you don’t need to look any further. Many people celebrate with a gift for every one of the eight nights of Hanukkah, either starting with the best gift or ending with the best one, based on their own family’s traditions and schedule.

I got in touch with some friends to get their opinions on the best Hanukkah gifts, and boy did they have some great ideas! Here’s a list of 8 perfect gifts for 8 special nights to make your Hanukkah gift-giving your best year yet. Check them out:


Day 1: Traditional Gift

hanukkah gifts traditional gift

Go for something traditional and use it as an opportunity to teach your children about Hanukkah too. A driedel or chocolate gelt is a good choice, or you can combine the two with gelt milk chocolate coins in a dreidel candy container (Amazon, $10.99).

Alyssa says “We like to give chocolate gelt on the first night of Hanukkah. It’s been a tradition for at least 20 years!”

Day 2: Hanukkah Pajamas

hanukkah nightgown

There are so many cute Hanukkah pajamas available now, why not get into the holiday spirit with some holiday sleepwear? We love these nightgowns covered in gelt, menorahs, the Star of David and dreidels. Sara’s print Hanukkah pajamas (Amazon, $22)

Allison K. says “Why should all the Christmas people get all the fun? We want holiday jammies too! We alternate between winter themed and Hanukkah themed pajamas each year, but we always give them on night 2.”

Day 3: The Gift of Giving

Instead of giving your children a gift on day 3, consider doing something to help your community.

Rachael S. says “Every year we do one night of giving where we go pick out gifts and bring them to the local hospital with holiday cards that the kids draw.” This is what the holidays should be all about.

Day 4: Books

hanukkah vbook

Books always make a good gift, whether you pick one about Hanukkah or any book that piques your child’s interest. I love the “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah” book (Amazon, $1.99) because it teaches a few basic Hanukkah concepts and traditions in the form of a song.

Allison F. says “We usually give just books one night. Our little monsters always get excited about new books, and it’s a way to feel good about giving gifts for eight straight nights.”

Day 5: Board Games

candy land hanukkah gift

I love family game night, and as my children get older it gets more and more fun. Any game that will inspire family fun is fair game (see what I did there?), from a classic board game like Candy Land (Amazon, $9.99) to a newer game like Sequence for Kids (Amazon, $14.99).

David, dad of four littles, says “Because we are minimalists we give a lot of group gifts. One night we give a board game for the whole family to play together.”

Day 6: Practical items

hanukkah gifts toothbrush

For Christmas many people fill stockings with fun practical items. Why not do the same thing with one night of Hanukkah gifts? Toothbrushes, a new hairbrush, and a box of adhesive bandages are all fun ideas. Star Wars light up toothbrush, set of 3 (Amazon, $6.25)

Day 7: A toy

lol surprise

Because life is too short and there are few occasions for a new toy, why not give a toy on one of your nights celebrating Hanukkah? LOL Surprise (Amazon, $13.77)

Eliana says “We always do a toy night, usually near the end of the week, where each child gets one fun toy. We let them ask for what they want for this one thing.”

Day 8: Wild Card

hanukkah bingo gifts

Does your child need new sheets? Are your littles obsessed with gummy bears? Does Hanukkah Bingo (Amazon, $12.99) sound like a bag of fun to you? Be creative and gift something unique on the last night of Hanukkah.

Allison F. says “Hanukkah bingo is so fun and a silly way to teach our children about Hanukkah traditions.”

Have fun shopping and Happy Hanukkah.
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