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For every problem you have, there’s an electronic gadget to solve it. If you’re looking to buy something handy (and not too pricey) for someone you love, consider these cool sub-$100 electronics.

1. Tile Pro Key Finder Combo Pack

If you have a loved one who’s constantly losing their keys, wallet, or phone (and then huffing around disturbing the peace until they find it), they won’t do that anymore. You put the Tile on your key ring, or in your wallet, or download the phone app, and then you can find all the other things. Press a button on the key ring and your phone will ring (even if it’s on silent); use your phone to make the Tile in your wallet or on your keys “sing” and announce its location. One big downer: The Tile won’t let you replace its battery, so when it runs out, you have to get a whole new device. But it’d be a terrific gift anyway for that big loser you love.

Buy it: $59.99

2. Echo Dot

If your kids aren’t bugging your for one of these, it’s probably because you already have one. The Echo Dot uses the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, make or receive calls, etc. etc. etc. etc. “Alexa: Why are clouds white?” “Alexa: Play Daniel Tiger.” “Alexa: What temperature should a meatloaf be cooked at?” are all questions you can get satisfied — and if you have additional smart devices you can control your lights, fan, thermostat, locks, television, and many other devices.

Buy it: $49.99

3. Philips Wake-up with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

If you have a member of your household who has to be dragged out of bed in high grump, perhaps this clever clock belongs at their bedside. A half-hour before the alarm is set, the Philips Wake-up starts gently glowing. It gets lighter and lighter, until a bright yellow light fills the room, and hopefully, the sleeper is no longer sleeping. If all else fells, it beeps gently to say “Wake up, wake up! The sun’s already risen!”

Buy it: $49.99

4. Philips Sonicare 2 Series Electric Toothbrush

People brush poorly. We know that. We also know that an electric toothbrush, for most people, works better. With that in mind, want to soup up someone’s dental routine this year? The Sonicare 2 is durable, recommended by dentists, and works great to clean teeth. Here’s to brighter smiles in the new year since this great toothbrush is almost half off right now.

Buy it: $39.95

5. GreatCall Jitterbug Smart 5.5-Inch Smartphone

Some seniors can handle electronics no problem. They’ll teach you how to change the clock in your car. Some, however, can be a little confused by new devices, particularly if they’re hearing or vision-impaired. The Jitterbug is a simpler smart phone with robust voice-to-text functionality (no more trying to thumb-type, difficult for many seniors) and a simplified UI that makes it very easy to make calls, get voicemail, send and receive email and texts, and take and see photos.

Buy it: $95.53

6. DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker with Bluetooth Smartphone Connectivity

You have to be an organization nerd to appreciate this one, maybe, but said organization nerds will really, really appreciate it. You can make truly professional-looking labels using this label maker and its app, labels that look beautiful enough to be on a jar of rustic jelly in a country store, or on all the files in a fabulously well-organized person’s house. What will you label? Your jars of grains? All your kids’ lunch containers? Your Christmas decorations, your seasonal clothing, your tax documents? Just the thought of all the neat files make me dizzy. And this little gadget is super-discounted from its original $129.99 retail price.

Buy it: $58

7. All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

What makes this a Kids Edition? The tough “kid-proof” case and this unbelievably sweet deal: If your children manage to break it within two years, Amazon will replace it free. Whoa. If you’ve been thinking about getting an extra screen so your children will stop bugging you for yours, maybe now’s the time.

Buy it: $99.99

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