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Finding my kids’ holiday outfits might be the highlight of my Christmas season prep. I love baking cookies, singing Christmas carols, and sitting by the Christmas tree in our Christmas pajamas, but I also really enjoying picking out holiday outfits for my kids.

6 holiday outfit ideas for your cuties

*Dress above from Tea Collection

I know this might make me sound silly or vain or I don’t know what, but there are so few occasions these days when our whole family gets dressed up besides church. For us it’s basically Christmas and Easter and that’s it.

Why do I care?
1. It’s fun to dress up as a family.
2. It’s good to teach your kids to dress appropriately, especially when most days they were pants that don’t even have buttons.
3. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on outfits that won’t get used, so I take my time and evaluate all options before picking the winners.

Here are some ideas for holiday outfits for your littles this season:

1. Snowflake Wonder (Splurge)

snowflake wonder splurge

For two girls and a boy:
Aven Skirted Dress (Tea Collection, $39.50)
Craigievar Zip Cardigan (Tea Collection, $59.50)
Striped Bowtie Top (Tea Collection, $29.50)
Galashiel Midi Skirt (Tea Collection, $59.50)

2. Whimsical comfort (Splurge)

whimsical comfort splurge
For two girls and a boy:
Family Tree Dress (Matilda Jane, $48)
Woodland Wonders Dress (Matilda Jane, $54)
Boys’ Silk Critter Tie in Max the Monster (J. Crew, $12.99)

3. Matchy, matchy (Save)

whimsical comfort tea collection

For two girls and a baby girl:
St. Kilda Pieced Dress (Tea Collection, $15)
St. Kilda Skirted Dress (Tea Collection, $15)
St. Kilda Wrap Neck Romper (Tea Collection, $15)

4. Glitter Accessory Bomb (Splurge)

glitter accessory bomb splurge

For one, well-dressed fancy pants girl:
Sequin Tulle Party Dress (Mini Boden, $75)
Misgrace Hair Bow (Amazon, $6.89)
Mini Melissa Kids’ Ultragirl Sweet Mary Jane (Amazon, $44.99)

5. Glitter Accessory Bomb (Save):

Glitter Accessory Bomb

For one accessory loving girl:
Cat & Jack Scallop A Line Dress (Target, $23.99)
Oversized bow headband (Target, $5.99)
Glitter Flap Crossbody Bag (Target, $9.99)
Glittered Christmas Star Charm Necklace (Finite Little Gems, $16)

6. Outrageous, Outrageousness (Save):

outrageous outfits

For two girls and a boy, and yes, I think the Christmas tree dress is the best thing ever:
Christmas Tree Dress (H & M, $29.99)
Santa Costume (H & M, $24.99)
Dress with Printed design (H & M, $9.99)
Hairband with Christmas Tree (H & M, $6.99)

Do you need to dress up to make memories? No, but it sure is fun and makes the holidays seem more special.

What are your kids wearing this holiday season?

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