5 unconventional uses for muslin swaddle blankets



Sabrina Garibian

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If you think muslin swaddle blankets are for swaddling little newborns only, you are sorely mistaken. I tell all my new mom friends that muslin swaddle blankets are one of the most important purchases they will make! You will use them for so many things besides keeping a baby cozy. I never leave home without a muslin swaddle blanket when I have a little one, and I’m going to tell you why.

Follow along to learn 5 unconventional uses for muslin swaddle blankets that you’ll absolutely love and use!

5 unconventional uses for muslin swaddle blankets

1. Impromptu changing pad

Have you find yourself at the park with no changing pad? Are you at the doctor’s office waiting for your child’s appointment when diaper duty calls? Simply lay down a muslin swaddle blanket for a clean space to change baby.

2. Burp cloth

I hated having to remember to pack a burp cloth when I went out with baby. I always have a muslin swaddle blanket though, so I used those as a burp cloth most days. Throw it over your shoulder and poof! You’ve got a burp cloth.

3. Nursing cover

If you aren’t comfortable nursing in public but need to do it anyway, you can simply use a muslin swaddle blanket as a nursing cover. I tuck the muslin under my nursing bra strap and then gently drape the rest of the blanket over baby. Perfect!

4. Sun shade for stroller walks

In the summer I love going for stroller walks with my littles, but I have a hard time protecting my baby’s skin without worrying about her overheating. So I dress my baby lightly and use a muslin swaddle blanket over her little legs to protect her skin from the sun.

5. Picnic blanket

Visits to the park often end with my kids wanting a little snack. I don’t often pack a picnic blanket but want a soft, clean space for baby to relax while we enjoy our food. Lay down a muslin swaddle blanket and baby will be comfy as can be.

A muslin swaddle blanket is the one item I am always sure to pack for outings with my little ones for all the reasons I just shared. My favorite brand is aden + anais, who not only carries muslin swaddle blankets but lots of other great products as well. If you’re having a new baby it’s worth having a few on hand at all times.

What do you use muslin swaddle blankets for?

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