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I’m still having post-traumatic stress syndrome from last year’s winter. It snowed and it snowed and it snowed. I love the snow, but being snowbound is a different story. My usually active kids, who get their energy out with daily trips to the park, were stuck inside with their very pregnant mom who couldn’t even go outside to get the mail.

At first we made lots of effort to enjoy the snow. But when it takes 20 minutes to suit up for only 20 minutes of snow frivolity – it gets old. I wasn’t even supposed to be outside because of my growing belly, but I risked it every so often.

At 5 o’clock every night my 4-year-old would start running in a loop through the kitchen, the hallway, and then the living room. Some little buzzer would go off and she’d just need to start moving. So to banish the restlessness that comes with the cold and wet winter weather, here are a few items I’m investing in to get the wiggles out.


1. Kidoozie Hop and Squeak Unicorn Pogo Jumper

These come in many color options, but since my girls have unicorns on the brain right now here is that version: The Kidoozie Hop and Squeak Unicorn Pogo Jumper. The only thing I don’t love is that it squeaks, but apparently all the sellers of this item think that’s a marketable quality. I’m not sure if that will drive me more crazy than my daughter running through my kitchen. Think a pogo stick that is safe for your floors and can be used indoors. (Amazon, $24.95)


2. Playzone-Fit Kids Active Play System

This toy can be used by toddlers and older kids. Standing and trying to do the maze makes it much more challenging for your older kids. The Adventures Playzone-Fit teaches concentration, problem solving, and balance. (Amazon, $39.98)


3. Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper

This uniquely shaped board can be stood or sat in, rocked or rolled. It has suction cups on the bottom that pop as the teeter popper rocks. It helps with stability, balance, and coordination. Hopefully the popping sound won’t be too annoying and it keeps your kiddos challenged long enough to make dinner. (Amazon, $36.95)


4. Fun and Function Bilibo

This Moluk Bilibo toy can be used in so many ways – as a turtle shell or a stepping stone. A bowl to store things inside or spin endlessly. You can buy one or several, they stack neatly and can be used together. (Fun and Function, $28.99) bilibo-toy-spinner

5. Storyland Yoga Set: DVD, yoga mat, bag and journal

In a stroke of brilliance I discovered a Youtube channel that teaches Yoga to children called Cosmic kids. My 4-year-old would stop running and start focusing on the stories and yoga poses being taught through this channel. It was a lifesaver. She began asking for it at night and it was a great way to give her an activity while settling her down for sleep.

You can purchase a Yoga set from Playful Planet that includes a yoga mat, mat bag, DVD and a Yoga Journal. I could see this complimenting the Youtube Channel beautifully and it will look nice wrapped under the Christmas tree. (Amazon, $39.95)


These toys go easily into the toy box – a few more ideas that are oldies, but goodies are sit and spins, hula-hoops and a good old fashioned dance party. I hope that when the weather outside is frightful your home doesn’t have to be.

What do you do to keep your kids active when they can’t play outside?

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