15 peaceful nursery palettes inspired by autumn



Joyce Slaton

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There’s a reason so many “leaf-peepers” travel to fall-color regions in September, October, and November — the changing colors make it look like the whole world’s on fire. If you’re decorating a nursery for an autumn baby, you might find inspiration in nature — the bright orange of a pumpkin, the brilliant reds and yellows of autumn leaves, the cool purples, greens, and magentas of harvest-time produce.

Here are 15 beautiful color palettes from Design Seeds that may help you in your quest for a beautiful, peaceful room where you can enjoy time with your baby.

1. Fallen Hues image via @rotblaugelb

2. Color Season image via: @marjamatkalla

3. Color Thanks image via @suertj

4. Autumn Glow image via @bonniebruno

5. Color Nature image via @jessamaephotography

6. Autumn Hues image via: @sixteenmilesout

7. Nature Tones image via @in_somnia_

8. Autumn Hues image via @kellyish

9. Color Harvest image via @agata_louie

10. Pumpkin Tones image via @suertj

11. Autumn Tones image via @c_colli

12. Color Season image via @clangart

13. Leaf Tones image via: @mikefanfulli

14. Color Dew image via @clangart

15. Rustic Hues image via @mikefanfulli

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